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CBS News Intern Shows How Easy It Is To Obtain An Abortion

Enjoy this parody of a CBS News story about the ease of obtaining AR-15s.


The following is a parody version of this CBS News story about the ease of obtaining AR-15s.

CBS News intern shows how easy it is to obtain an abortion 


The Kermit Gosnell murder trial has rekindled the debate over abortion as Republicans pounce on restrictions after the disturbing details of abortion were brought to light in Philadelphia. But in many states across the country, the laws are pretty straightforward about killing a child in utero.

In New York, where there were 138,370 abortions in 2011, there are no parental consent requirements for women under the age of 18, whereas in Pennsylvania parental consent laws can be easily side-stepped through judicial bypass or if the parents are not “reasonably available.” New York’s abortion rate ranked No. 1 in 2011 with 34.2 abortions per 1,000 women.

CBS News sent one of our 17-year-old unpaid interns (Related article: The Wealth Gap: America’s Unjustly Low Minimum Wage Laws) into a Manhattan abortion clinic without an appointment.

She filled out some forms requiring her consent, proof of ability to pay the fee, along with adequate insurance, and a few basic questions about any past health issues. The doctor informed her of the typical loose state non-requirements: no parental consent, no disturbing information distributed about the baby’s experience during the procedure, and no surgical center requirements. No hassle, no problem.

All told, it took 57 minutes and a $450 co-pay for her to walk out of the clinic legally free of her pre-natal nuisance.

“Throughout most of America, you could go into an abortion clinic and pay to kill your baby, just like you’d go into a Starbucks and buy a cup of coffee,” said Northwest University professor John Smith.

According the Guttmacher Institute, 27 states require wait times, which typically last 24 hours, while only 19 states impose restrictions on so-called partial-birth abortion. Many states, including Illinois, allow for public funding.

“Generally, killing is subject to more extensive restrictions,” one expert explained. “Abortions are used far more often to end a life than are guns. Our patchwork quilt of abortion laws is destined to be ineffective.”

At a rally outside a Planned Parenthood clinic Tuesday, abortion control supporters renewed their calls for stricter laws. But 40 percent of Americans still disagree, even after Gosnell was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for severing the spinal cords of late-term babies post-delivery.

Cecil Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, wants fewer laws restricting baby killing.

“I can’t imagine that my children would have fewer rights, and less access to the safest, best health care,” Richards said. “At Planned Parenthood, we see the impact of abortion stigma firsthand, in the women who delay getting ‘reproductive health care’ because they fear they’ll be labeled and judged.”

This debate is not going away. The fetus from the abortion our intern purchased was legally transferred to a regulated waste facility just hours after it was violently removed, to ensure it was not sold for profit.