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After Being Hijacked By SJWs, Mizzou Enrollment Plummets


At Mizzou, enrollment is down, the budget is slashed, and employees are getting let go.


The University of Missouri has become a ghost town, and for good reason. After campus social justice warrior types turned the school into something resembling an Occupy Wall Street protest in objection to a poop swastika and a few alleged racial slurs, students who have their heads screwed on straight are getting out of there.

Enrollment is down, the budget is slashed, and employees are getting let go or cut back in droves, according to Heat Street.

In response to the campus crybabies #ConcernedStudent1950 protestors who demanded heat and refrigeration while they rallied for the heads of the university president and chancellor, many parents took Mizzou off the prospective schools list for their children.

Enrollment numbers are reflecting that trend. This year’s freshman class hovers at about 4,700 students, a 25 percent dip from last year’s freshman class of about 6,200 students. Current students are also leaving the school in significant numbers, although the university has yet to release data revealing the specifics.

The declining enrollment numbers, paired with the increasing financial demands to maintain new diversity measures that were implemented to appease the protesting students, have left Mizzou with a $32.5 million budget shortfall. In response, the school has closed four dormitory buildings, leaving more than 300 students without housing.

The university library, which once employed eight full-time staffers, now is down to two, and they’re not planning to fill those other positions any time soon. Librarians aren’t the only employees to get the ax, either, as 50 maintenance employees were recently let go, forcing tenured faculty to take out their own trash.

The school is planning to also implement a hiring freeze and will not be giving employees raises or bonuses anytime soon.

Congratulations, Mizzou campus protestors, for getting exactly what you wanted! Your school is facing financial woes, but hey, at least there hasn’t been any more suspicious fecal matter.