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Watch Kristen Chenoweth Make A Salad Like A Real American

Kristen Chenoweth

Watch Kristen Chenoweth make a salad using a package of pre-cut lettuce like the rest of us.


In a video posted to her Facebook page Tuesday, Kristen Chenoweth made a salad using a package of pre-cut lettuce like the rest of us.

The “Pushing Daisies” star didn’t skimp on the cheese or the dressing, either, because girlfriend has her priorities right.

When mixing croutons and dressing together in a tossed salad, Chenoweth explains that it’s best to keep it all in the same family.

“I say stay in the family of Italian,” she said. “You don’t want to be doing like a French crouton when you’re having, you know, an Italian salad dressing.”

Seems like pretty solid advice.

After adding some pre-shredded parmesan cheese, store-bought dressing, and a handful of packaged croutons to a bowl of pre-cut lettuce, Chenoweth exclaims that her meal is ready to eat.

“Guess what? You got yourself a good salad.”

I’m sold.

Chenoweth, whose Instagram is not dominated by obnoxious photos of artisanal salads, posted an addendum video demonstrating the best way to maximize salad dressing.

#CookingWithKC… part 2! #shakeit

A video posted by Kristin Chenoweth (@kchenoweth) on

After placing a plate on top of the salad bowl, she shook up her salad until the lettuce was evenly coated in dressing, because she understands that no one likes eating dry leaves and that salad spinners are from hell.

Queen Kristen, I applaud you and your no-nonsense cooking.