Domenech: Voters Who Are Sick Of Elite Pieties Are Flocking To Trump

Domenech: Voters Who Are Sick Of Elite Pieties Are Flocking To Trump

Federalist publisher Ben Domenech joined CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday to talk about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Republican primary process.

Domenech said Trump’s decision to engage in petty attacks on Heidi Cruz undermines his efforts to be taken seriously on issues like foreign policy.

However, people are fed up with the elite pieties from Western leaders, Domenech explained. Voters — particularly Republican voters — are sick of leaders who ignore the dangers refugees pose to the homeland, and they’re weary of politicians who are hesitant to identify the religious motivations behind terrorist groups like ISIS.

This sentiment is what’s driving them listen to Trump’s ideas on national security, foreign policy, and immigration, he said.

At the same time, however, Trump is ignoring the nomination process and failing to recognize that he must work with the Republican Party to win the nomination.

He explained that if Trump does not get the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination outright, then the decision goes to a second ballot, which is a more favorable scenario for Ted Cruz’s campaign.

“The simple fact is, the Ted Cruz operation has been very focused on making sure that those delegates are Cruz supporters,” Domenech said. “Even if they are pledged to Trump in the original vote, they will shift to him on a second ballot.”

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