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The Federalist Staff Give Predictions For Iowa And 2016


The Federalist staff predict what will happen to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and explain the rise of Bernie Sanders.


The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech joined CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday to predict what will happen in the Iowa Caucus Monday and what will come of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

The lesson over the course of the next couple of weeks is whether Trump’s historical dialogue will be like those of Pat Buchanan or William Jennings Brian, two presidential candidates who disrupted the political system of their respective times. Although both candidates gained significant traction during the primaries, neither was successful in getting elected to the White House.

“(This) should make the establishment (which has thrown its support behind Trump as of late) and those in the mainstream and the elites of the party very afraid,” he said.

“He’s a traitor to his class,” he said. “That makes him very effective, it makes him very powerful, but it’s also a sign of a situation where the Republican Party fails to address the fact that they are out of step with a significant portion of the voting electorate when it comes to the issues of immigration, when it comes to the issues of foreign policy, and when it comes to these issues — these core sort of ‘the economy is rigged in a way that does not benefit us.'”

Bernie Sanders has risen from being a little-known socialist who was regarded by his colleagues in the U.S. Senate as an extremist to being a game-changer for Democratic Party.

Domenech explains that his rise in the polls and overwhelming popularity among young voters shows that Americans have changed.

“It’s became okay to be a Democratic Socialist in America,” he said. “It changed in large part because of the rise of a young group of Americans who have no association, no memory of the Cold War. They do not associate Socialism with Communism, or the Soviet Union, or anything of that nature.”

Hillary Clinton also represents the status quo, which doesn’t bode well from voters who are tired of the economic system being rigged in favor of the elites.

“She’s not going upset the apple cart,” he said. “Both Trump and Sanders tap into that rise that is out there in the country that feels they’ve been ignored by both parties. And they feel that way, frankly, because they have.”

Federalist staff writer Bre Payton joined Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson on Sunday to explain why Rand Paul appeals to young conservatives.

“We grew up with Facebook and other technology that makes so much of our information public, we really value privacy and want that government to stay out of it and stop collecting data on us,” she said.
“The fact that Rand Paul has stood up to the NSA and has a proven record on this and really values the Constitution, particularly in regards to the Fourth Amendment really does well and resonates among young voters.”

Millennials are more pro-life than previous generations, a trend that is swaying younger voters in the direction of the Kentucky senator. According to a recent poll, 59 percent of those under the age of 35 think abortion is morally wrong, and 58 percent think it “does more harm than good.”

“Rand Paul really has a proven record of being stridently pro-life,” she said. “As a doctor, he’s certified to make the distinction that life does begin at conception, and he has stood up for this.”

“In regards to foreign policy, We’re a generation that watched the conflicts unfold in Iraq and Afghanistan and watching the situation there be more unstable than ever,” Payton said. “His hesitance towards involving ourselves really resonates with young voters as well.”