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Donald Trump’s Rise Is The Most Significant Story Of 2015

The Donald Trump phenomenon was the most significant political story of 2015, The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ Sunday.


The phenomenon surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and rise in the polls is the most significant political story of 2015, The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said on CBS’ “Face The Nation” Sunday.

“There’s something to be said for finding the good in the Trump phenomenon,” Domenech said. “He does express, to a certain degree, a degree of Jacksonian populism that’s always been a part of American politics. And I think represents a group of disaffected Americans who basically are standing up and saying the status quo is not acceptable and that they want dramatic change.”

Domenech explained that Trump’s rise is part of a larger populist revolt from both sides of the aisle.

“You saw Bernie Sanders earlier say that he feels he could appeal to Trump voters, there is something to that,” he said.

“The question is whether there is one party that is able to translate this anger, this demand for dramatic change, into something healthy or whether it turns into a kind of stray voltage effect within the election that isn’t actually translated into either party.”

Lessons learned from the past 15 years in foreign policy and national security have shaped both parties, Domenech said.

“It is no accident that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump — the two people who are most critical of the Iraq policy under the Bush administration — are leading in the polls currently on the Republican side,” he said. “That says something significant. It’s also a question of what Hillary Clinton learned from the past 15 years. We’re going to find that out over the next year.”