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Why Aren’t Democratic Candidates Proud Of Planned Parenthood?

You would think candidates bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood would be proud of their organ recycling program.


Democratic candidates running for president have had no problems taking money from Planned Parenthood over the years, yet none have spoken up to defend their organ-harvesting benefactor.

Bernie Sanders felt comfortable tweeting his support for a woman’s right to chose an abortion on Monday:

But since a video by Center for Medical Progress was released yesterday showing Planned Parenthood executive Deborah Nucatola casually talking during lunch about how to crush babies to get the most use out of their organs, there’s been radio silence from not just Sanders, but all Democratic candidates. The question is, why? Many others have defended Planned Parenthood’s baby organ factory via Twitter:

Come on: if Cosmo can do it, you can too, Democrats!

The Federalist reached out to all of the 2016 hopefuls for comment on the video. Many Republican candidates were outraged and disgusted at what the video revealed, several called for Planned Parenthood to cease receiving taxpayer funds, and Bobby Jindal called for an investigation into the abortion clinics. Those who haven’t commented on the video specifically have decried Planned Parenthood and the practice of abortion in the past.

Even pro-choice candidate George Pataki chimed in: “The video is abhorrent and Governor Pataki would support ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood,” spokesman David Catalfamo responded in an email.

Yet no word from any Democratic candidates on the contents of the video. Funny, because, as Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, many of these same candidates have received contributions and awards from the abortion giant. He writes:

Lincoln Chafee, the former governor of Rhode Island, is the only one without a perfect rating from the pro-abortion group NARAL. He has a 90 percent approval score. (Hillary) Clinton won Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award in 2009. She received more than $10,000 from the organization…(Martin) O’Malley has also been honored by the organization, winning Planned Parenthood Maryland’s Betty Tyler award in 2014. Chafee received more than $18,000 in 2000 and 2006 when he served in the U.S. Senate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Webb received no money from Planned Parenthood in his 2006 Senate run, though he still enjoys a perfect pro-abortion rating from NARAL.

They’ve been supportive of abortion factories that have discarded babies’ body parts for years. At least now they can say there’s some practical benefit to all this. Why aren’t they claiming this news as a win? Why are there no human-interest stories on the strides in medical research that have been made possible by genocide against a generation?

To abortion lovers, getting something useful out of what they claim are useless fetuses is a good thing. But perhaps the Democratic contenders realize how truly dehumanizing it is to recycle organs from dead infants. Maybe they realize deeming infant organs viable in order to turn a profit, then saying that the same organs are just a clump of cells to kill, doesn’t hold up under scrutiny as well as they would like. Their silence could be a tacit acknowledgement that it’s bad to harvest organs from the babies these politicians have defended a right to kill. Or it could be just strategic.

In any case, Planned Parenthood should probably stop supporting candidates who don’t have the balls to defend their organ-recycling program. After all, the profits they get from harvesting livers out infants they crush just right is probably the rosiest headline the abortion industry could get.