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Media Matters Exec, Editor For ‘The Nation’ Have No Clue Who Marcus Luttrell Is

An editor for The Nation and an executive with Media Matters have absolutely no clue who Marcus Luttrell is.


Former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced the launch of his 2016 presidential campaign today, complete with a freshly painted C-130 behind him and Navy SEALs to his left and right. An editor for the far-left publication The Nation, however, was completely perplexed by the men, one of whom was portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the blockbuster hit Lone Survivor.

Not only did Zornick not recognize Luttrell, he had never even heard of the record-breaking movie portraying his heroic actions.

Well, nobody has ever accused employees of The Nation of having their fingers on the pulse of America.

Zornick wasn’t the only one bewildered by the men standing with Perry, though. Zac Petkanas, a Media Matters executive who previously served as the communications director for the disastrous Texas gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis, also had no clue who Luttrell was.

It didn’t stop there, though. An editor for the liberal outfit ThinkProgress was also completely baffled as to the identities of the men standing with Perry. Judd Legum wondered aloud why this strange man he didn’t recognize looked “so glum”:

To answer his question: yes, they are related. Twin brothers tend to be related.

Sadly, the race to see which cloistered liberal writers could beclown themselves the most continued on:

In case you thought they were done, you were wrong. There’s more. Here’s Sam Stein, one of Huffington Post’s top political reporters:

Luttrell became friends with Perry after he returned from combat. You can watch him emotionally describe his special relationship with Perry in this video.