Sean Davis
Sean Davis
Sean Davis, Co-Founder

Sean Davis is a co-founder of The Federalist. He previously worked as an economic policy adviser to Gov. Rick Perry, as CFO of Daily Caller, and as chief investigator for Sen. Tom Coburn. He was named by The Hill as one of the top congressional staffers under the age of 35 for his role in spearheading the enactment of the law that created Sean received a BBA in finance from Texas Tech University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

Lindsay Graham Kept GOP Judiciary Committee Senators In The Dark About Interview Of FBI Agent Joe Pientka

Graham and his staff kept Republican members of the Judiciary Committee in the dark about an interview of key Russiagate figure Joe Pientka on Thursday, multiple sources told The Federalist.

Carter Page: Corrupt FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith ‘Put My Very Life At Risk’

Kevin Clinesmith ‘put my very life at risk,’ Carter Page told The Federalist on Friday, after Clinesmith was charged by DOJ with fabricating evidence to justify illegal spy warrants against Page.

Kevin Clinesmith, Corrupt FBI Attorney Who Falsified Carter Page FISA Warrant, Expected To Plead Guilty

Kevin Clinesmith, a former top lawyer in James Comey’s FBI, pleaded guilty on Friday to falsifying a federal spy warrant against Carter Page.

Ahead Of Election, Adam Schiff Tries To Kickstart Yet Another Russian Interference Operation

With three months left until the November election, Democrat Adam Schiff is kickstarting yet another bogus foreign interference operation, several top Republican lawmakers said on Wednesday.

Declassified Documents Show FBI Used ‘Defensive’ Briefing In 2016 To Spy On Donald Trump

The new documents detail the FBI’s attempts to use a briefing ostensibly meant to warn the Trump campaign about foreign intelligence threats to spy on the Trump campaign itself.

Top Federal Appeals Court Orders Charges Against Michael Flynn To Be Dismissed

A top federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered the judge in the trial against Michael Flynn to dismiss all charges against Flynn.

DOJ Just Disclosed ‘Explosive’ Handwritten Notes From Peter Strzok To Michael Flynn’s Defense Team

DOJ informed a federal court on Tuesday that it had discovered previously undisclosed notes about Michael Flynn from fired former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Declassified Intelligence Community Annex On The Steele Dossier Proves The FBI Misled Trump And Obama

A newly declassified intelligence community summary of the Steele dossier proves that the FBI misled both Donald Trump and Barack Obama about the false anti-Trump allegations peddled by Christopher Steele.

In Appellate Brief, DOJ Unloads On Behavior Of Rogue Judge In Flynn Case

DOJ’s top lawyer unloaded on the behavior of the anti-Flynn federal judge who has refused to dismiss the unlawful charges against Michael Flynn.

Declassified Flynn Transcripts Contradict Key Mueller Claims Against Flynn

Newly released declassified transcripts of call transcripts and summaries between Flynn and Kislyak contradict key claims made against Flynn by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

BREAKING: Declassified Susan Rice Email Confirms Michael Flynn Was Personally Targeted In Oval Office Meeting

Newly declassified portions of a key Susan Rice email confirm that Michael Flynn was personally targeted during a Jan. 5 Oval Office meeting with Obama.

Samantha Power Claimed She Never Tried To Unmask Michael Flynn, But Records Show She Unmasked Him 7 Times

Newly declassified records show that Samantha Power made seven separate unmasking requests related to Michael Flynn in late 2016 and early 2017.

Declassified List Of Obama Officials Who Unmasked Michael Flynn Includes James Clapper, John Brennan, And Joe Biden

Eight different Obama administration officials sought to unmask Michael Flynn’s identity from NSA intercepts following his calls with Sergei Kislyak.

Did James Clapper Lie To Congress About Briefing Obama On Flynn’s Phone Calls?

Both James Comey and Andrew McCabe contradicted testimony from James Clapper that Clapper never briefed Obama on Michael Flynn’s phone calls.

Obama Defense Official Evelyn Farkas Admitted She Lied On MSNBC About Having Evidence Of Collusion

Evelyn Farkas was forced to admit under oath before Congress that despite what she claimed on MSNBC, she never had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Rosenstein Scope Memo For Mueller Peddled Steele Dossier, Logan Act Conspiracy Theories

A newly declassified DOJ memo confirms that Rod Rosenstein used bogus Steele dossier allegations to justify Robert Mueller’s investigation of several Trump campaign affiliates.

BREAKING: FBI Closed Flynn Case, Dubbed ‘Crossfire Razor,’ In Early 2017, Until Strzok Ordered It To Stay Open

After it found zero evidence that Michael Flynn broke any laws or was acting as a traitor to America, the FBI closed its case against Flynn, until fired former FBI agent Peter Strzok ordered the case to stay open.

Explosive New Flynn Documents Show FBI Goal Was To ‘Get Him Fired’

Handwritten notes from the FBI that had been withheld from Michael Flynn and his defense team show that the FBI’s goal in investigating and ambushing Flynn was ‘to get him fired.’

Flynn’s Original Defense Team Repeatedly Rejected Congressional Immunity Overtures

The original defense team for Michael Flynn rejected multiple congressional immunity offers, saying Flynn wouldn’t testify without Mueller’s approval.

Newly Filed Court Documents Include Exculpatory Evidence For Michael Flynn

New documents filed under seal in federal court include exculpatory information about former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.