Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham

Mary Katharine Ham writes at The Federalist and is a CNN Contributor. She’s the co-author of “End of Discussion: How the Left’s Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)” and has written for HotAir, The Weekly Standard, and The Daily Caller. A fourth-generation journalist, she did a stint covering NASCAR, high school football, and the county’s largest legumes before embracing New Media and heading to Washington DC, where her career goal has been to discover the formula for talking about politics without being a blowhard. She’s a mom of two and a Twitter enthusiast who hiked Kilimanjaro on her honeymoon.

To Media And GOP Leadership, Some Obamacare Victims Matter More Than Others

These people were lied to repeatedly, made to bear the brunt of Obamacare’s costs and broken promises, and now denigrated for daring to point out they have been hurt.

Rep. Steve Scalise Released From Hospital, Begins Rehabilitation

‘He is in good spirits and is looking forward to his return to work once he completes rehabilitation,’ says Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s office.

New DOJ Rules Increasing Civil Asset Forfeiture Are An Exercise In Swamp Filling

The Trump administration came into office promising to respect states and drain the swamp. This decision does neither.

How To Decode The Symbolism In This Irish Mom’s Spoof Of Beyonce’s Photoshoot

I had feared it was unwise for Beyonce to give ideas to mere mortals that they, too, can survive Glamour Shots lighting and harsh sunlight. 

How The Viral Facebook GIF Game Got Me Thinking About The Meaning Of Life

We all grapple with life being short, repetitive, hard, and lonely. I was struck that these short, repetitive video GIFS, in isolation seemingly shallow, became heartfelt and imbued with real human connection in my life.

Going To The Mats For Free Speech Sometimes Means Letting Trolls Go Unpunished

Sorry, Kirsten Powers, media don’t owe every troll anonymity, but doing disproportionate warfare with them can endanger the speech of others.

Meet The Only Woman With Her Name On An Official Declaration Of Independence

Mary Katharine Goddard, patriot and publisher, printed the first Declaration of Independence with signatures, and put her name in history.

New York Times Says Happy Birthday To America With Most New York Times Hot-Dog Tasting Ever

It’s almost 4th of July. What better way to celebrate than to taste a bunch of hot dogs and confirm every preconceived notion anyone outside your immediate circle has about you?

New Minimum Wage Study Gives Proponents A Chance To Think Better of Those Who Disagree

It matters if the worker isn’t helped, and is even hurt, by minimum-wage hikes. If there is credible research to support this notion, there’s reason to give your fellow Americans the benefit of the doubt.

Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting Showed The Left’s Cultural Bullying At Its Worst

The behavior of many on the Left this week sent a message that not only do they not ‘get’ the other half of the country, they don’t want to. That’s a recipe for losing elections.

Mom Ticketed For Neglect After Calling Police To Help Free Toddler Locked in Car

Let’s give parents in scary moments a bit of grace. This is a difference of opinion and approach, not a criminal matter.

Shooting At GOP Congressional Baseball Practice Leaves Five Wounded, Including Congressman

A gunman opened fire at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va. Wednesday morning where members of Congress were practicing for a charity baseball game, reportedly injuring Read Full Article >

In Reluctant Nobel Acceptance, Bob Dylan Tells His Worshippers To Chill

Bob Dylan is the Boomer Beyoncé— moments of true genius imbued by a generation with cultural significance that demands fealty and is aghast at the slightest criticism.

Comey Was The First To Call A Private, One-On-One Meeting With Trump

Trump should have known that meeting privately with Comey as President-elect was different than meeting with him as President. But Comey set the precedent.

The New ‘Baywatch’ Has Potential But Doesn’t Deliver

Sweetness and self-awareness is missing from the film, depriving the audience of what works best for the stars, the ‘Baywatch’ franchise, and an update of this kind.

Obama Stuck America With Bad Paris Deal, And Trump Should Get Us Out Like He Promised

Obama’s Paris climate legacy lived by his pen and should die by Trump’s.

6 Tips For Learning To Love The Coordinated Summer Cicada Attack

Embracing the cicadas in all their gross glory will get you through the summer.

Kára McCullough, Miss USA And Scientist, Gets Social Media Scolding For Thoughts on Feminism, Health Care

Kára McCullough gave coherent, thoughtful answers but she deviated from liberal talking points, and the Internet is upset about it.

You May Like Obamacare, But Don’t Forget About The People It Has Hurt

Arguing about this as if beneficiaries of ACA don’t exist isn’t right. Arguing about it as if people like me don’t is also not right.

Dale Jr.’s Retirement Marks The End Of An Era, Loss Of A Bridge To NASCAR’s Past

This week, Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his retirement from the sport his family helped define for two generations. That’s not the only thing that’s changing inside NASCAR.