Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham writes at The Federalist and is a CNN Contributor. She's the co-author of "End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)" and has written for HotAir, The Weekly Standard, and The Daily Caller. A fourth-generation journalist, she did a stint covering NASCAR, high school football, and the county's largest legumes before embracing New Media and heading to Washington DC, where her career goal has been to discover the formula for talking about politics without being a blowhard. She's a mom of two and a Twitter enthusiast who hiked Kilimanjaro on her honeymoon.
Three Reasons ‘Hocus Pocus” Max Dennison Is A Millennial Model For Masculinity

In a world uncertain of its male role models, somewhere between toxic masculinity and man buns, there is Max Dennison. Be a Max Dennison.

Someone Stole Martha Stewart’s Favorite Pie Plate, And I’m Afraid For Us All

Martha Stewart is ice cold. She will come for her pie plate, along with the dignity of your entire B-list family line, and Lord help us all if we are collateral damage.

What I Want Everyone, Especially My Daughters, To Know About My #MeToo Experiences

In talking to women friends in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein and Fox News scandals, I realized we’re more scathed than we thought we were.

Ed Asner Asks MSNBC’s Chris Jansing For A Kiss Twice During Interview On Workplace Sexism

It was almost as if it was performance art.

Fast And Furious Feud Between The Rock And Tyrese Threatens The Family

This week, when Dwayne ‘The Rock”‘Johnson announced his spin-off action franchise with Jason Statham has been given the green light, most rejoiced. Tyrese Gibson howled.

The Ballad Of The Basics

‘In my riding boots without any horse, I shall roam farms of idyll, with my iPhone of course.’

15 Years Later, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’s’ Baby In A Bar Is A Lifestyle, Not A Laugh Line

I cannot tell you how many young-mom friends of mine have referenced this scene as we talk about our adventures juggling life, friends, work, and family.

Rep. Steve Scalise Returns To Congress After Attack, Gunshot Wound: ‘I’m An Example Miracles Happen’

The House majority whip was seriously injured in a June 14 attack on a group of Republicans by James Hodgkinson, an Illinois man who opened fire after asking fellow congressmen their party identification.

After My Husband’s Death, I’m Learning To Steward The Light He Left Behind

‘All of us who knew him and loved him are keepers of this fire. It’s there, and it lives on, and it is something we can breathe life into every day.’

Harvard Withdraws Fellow Title For Chelsea Manning After Public Protest From National Security Pillars

If we’re serious about treating trans people equally, Manning’s crimes should be treated seriously, not diminished or even celebrated because of one’s status as a transperson.

J.J. Watt’s $30 Million Harvey Haul Is Everything Great About America, The Internet, And Football

In Houston, Watt has always been a picture of martial spirit, resilience, and protecting his community. It’s no surprise when he asked for help to do just those things in the wake of Harvey, America answered.

Six Other Things Verrit Will Feature That Are Unrepresented in Media

Verrit will search far and wide to find people brave enough to talk publicly from a liberal perspective about how misogyny, sexism, and racism plague politics.

J.J. Watt’s Crowdfunding Effort For Houston Tops $4 Million With $1 Million Gift From Titans Owner

‘You feel a little bit helpless. So I wanted to do whatever we possibly could, and I knew that I wanted to get out in front of it quick.’

Do You Think PETA’s Mad Everyone’s A Troll Now?

In America, you don’t have to choose between shooting selfies and animals.

Don’t Let The Internet Bully You Into Picking Online Signaling Over Offline Friendships

My Twitter feed during a rough news week is not the fullness of my life or American society. Sometimes, ignoring it and being a good, old-fashioned friend and neighbor is more effective.

Durham Police Took Pictures While Protesters Vandalized. Seattle Police Think That’s Insane

Seattle sent the message that law enforcement will take pretty reasonable measures to ensure that tense situations don’t explode into violent situations. Durham didn’t.

‘The Great Comet’s’ Broadway Flame-Out Shows A Single-Minded Drive For Diversity Can Destroy

On September 3, the cast of ‘Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812’ will perform its last show. The story of its demise is of a single-minded drive for diversity destroying art and opportunity.

Trump TV Is Just A Less Artsy Version of Obama’s West Wing Week. Why Is Everyone Shocked By It?

Like ‘Trump TV,’ ‘West Wing Week’ clips were made to look like real news, but unlike Trump’s version, national newscasts actually used them as real news.

Lena Dunham, Reporting People To Authorities For Disagreeing With You Is Creepy Bullying, Not Heroism

Dunham isn’t content to publicly lecture about trans issues. She wants to punish people who disagree with her, going after their jobs without so much as a conversation with them.

This Vanity Fair Lionization Of The Press Is Why Everyone Hates The Press

The press is constantly saying this president is losing credibility without recognizing it is in the exact same predicament.