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Loretta Lynn On Women’s March: March If You Want, But Do It With Class!

The 84-year-old Kentucky crooner thinks Madonna and Ashley Judd might’ve gotten a little out there.


Country legend Loretta Lynn has some advice for protesters in the Trump era. Speaking with Rolling Stone before the Grammys, where Lynn was nominated for Best Country Album 50 years after her first nomination, she suggested a dash of class.

“I think a march is fine,” the 84-year-old singer said. “But I thought that Madonna and Ashley Judd … they got a little too far out. They should have done it with more class. For God’s sake, march if you want to, but do it with class.”

Lynn performed one of the better-known feminist anthems, “The Pill”— a controversial single about birth control released in 1975 whose narrator is a mom of many who’s excited to live a new life with control over the timing of her pregnancies.

This old maternity dress I’ve got
Is goin’ in the garbage
The clothes I’m wearin’ from now on
Won’t take up so much yardage
Miniskirts, hot pants and a few little fancy frills
Yeah I’m makin’ up for all those years
Since I’ve got the pill

Perhaps those lyrics will earn her a pass from today’s feminists, because her thoughts on President Trump won’t.

With regard to newly elected President Trump, Lynn says, ‘I think they ought to leave him alone and let him do his job. That’s what I think. He’s up there and he’s the president. They need to help him, not hinder him. Everybody ought to pitch in and help, do everything they can to help the man.’

Sturgill Simpson walked away with the Best Country Album Grammy Sunday. Lynn was not in attendance because, as she puts it: “I flew all I’m gonna fly.”