Katya Sedgwick
Katya Sedgwick
Katya Rapoport Sedgwick is a writer from San Francisco Bay Area. She has published at The Daily Caller and Legal Insurrection.
Why American Women’s Sports Need To Get More Feminine

I wonder if the lackluster performance of the U.S. men in soccer has something to do with the perception of it as a sport for women and children.

You Might Laugh At Marianne Williamson, But There Are Millions Of Her Across The Country

Far from being a one-off weirdo, Williamson stands for a growing constituency of Americans: urban, somewhat educated, mostly female, youngish, a-religious and spiritually hungry.

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Gives Voice To Ordinary Soviets’ Horror Of Socialism

The horror onscreen is just a single dramatized moment of the everyday Soviet experience, the logical outcome of central planning, secrecy, and devaluation of individual life.

No, Masculine Skills Definitely Don’t Need Replacing For The 21st Century

Over at Ask Men, Ian Stobber wrote a list of what he considers obsolete man skills, and suggestions for replacing them. They’re ridiculous.

San Franciscans Fiddle While Their Streets Are Riddled With Needles And Feces

It’s not that the foodies may line up the wrong way at the door of their favorite venues. What’s physically blocking pedestrian walkways are the homeless encampments.

I Lived In The USSR When Chernobyl Exploded. Here’s What I Remember

Chernobyl was the chapter in Soviet history filled with the numb panic of stoic and tragic people who, often despite their deep-rooted cynicism, were often capable of enormous self-sacrifice.

Why ‘Cobra Kai’s’ Suburban Charm Makes It An American Original

‘Cobra Kai’s’ first season was such a perfect fusion of form and function, the show became an instant classic. Season two is up today.

Why Are Dove And Gillette Pushing Us To Lie About What’s Beautiful?

The whole ad exercise projects aura of a group therapy session, to get rid of that ‘anxiety’ or insecurity a lady might feel when exposed to an image of someone truly beautiful.

If Kindness To Men Is Too Much To Ask, Can We At Least Save Fashion From Butt-Hugging Leggings?

Maryann White, a Catholic mom, recently questioned University of Notre Dame female students’ habit of wearing leggings constantly. Young females responded by shaking their behinds even more.

Beto O’Rourke Is The Avatar Of Generation X’s Midlife Crisis

Like Duckie, Robert Francis O’Rourke may come across as adorable to a properly initiated in-crowd member, but to the rest of us he’s more like Napoleon Dynamite, a not-so-charming oddball.

No, NPR, Struggling To Pronounce Someone’s Name Isn’t Racist

Turning mispronunciation into a micro-aggression just means helpful Americans will be dissuaded from helping immigrants with the cultural zeitgeist.