Katya Sedgwick
Katya Sedgwick

Katya Rapoport Sedgwick is a writer from San Francisco Bay Area. She has published at The Daily Caller and Legal Insurrection. You can follow her @KatyaSedgwick on Twitter.

My Kids’ Public School Held A Workshop Teaching The Police Are Racists

The left has moved beyond indoctrination through biased textbooks and false narratives. Now, our kids are being taught to channel their anger in protest.

2020 Seniors Deserve In-Person Graduation Ceremonies

You thought for all these years of hard work you were going to get a real graduation ceremony, and instead your mom erected this embarrassing plaque by your front door.

Coronavirus Rent Strikes Are On The Fast Track To Obliterating Property Rights

America’s responses to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic come at the expense of our natural rights, and property ownership is in the crosshairs.

Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful If Coronavirus Brought Back Dressy Clothes?

The wardrobe of an average American woman is endless, but mostly consisting of what is essentially inside clothes, only she wears them everywhere.

Thanks To Capitalism, Grocery Shelves Keep Getting Restocked During Emergencies

If the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that Americans are just not cut out for socialism. The reason? The lines and empty shelves.

What Happens When Coronavirus Hits The Homeless Camps In California?

Like we don’t collect water when it’s plentiful and store it for inevitable drought, we don’t anticipate public health emergencies by addressing anti-sanitary conditions before pandemics strike.

8 Crazy Things Bernie Has Said To Propagandize Socialism

Bernie comes with baggage, and the American public rejected him. Looking at how his campaign is awash in money, however, indicates socialism is not going away.

Communist Cuba May Claim 99 Percent Literacy, But It Still Imprisons Poets

Bernie Sanders, ever true to his pro-Soviet cold warrior persona, recently created a stir insisting Fidel Castro’s Cuba had excellent literacy programs.

I Lived In Soviet Russia When Bernie Sanders Visited, And He’s A Communist Dupe

Bernie Sanders, a man who could be led astray so easily by KGB minders and a Potemkin tour of the USSR, should never be president of the United States.

No, It’s Not Time To Give Up On The Nuclear Family To Build Grownup Dorms

Communist-minded pundits see the nuclear family as a cultural anomaly, but living with friends can’t replicate the need for family that is in our DNA.

Seattle To Make Math Instruction All About Race, Downplay Right And Wrong

Because of its self-contained deductive nature, math is as antiracist as any field of study can be. If anything, math offers an escape from oppression; it never facilitates it.

No, The Government Can’t Buy You Happiness With Other People’s Money

Jill Filipovic says the words ‘pursuit of happiness’ in the Declaration of Independence mean that ‘government must facilitate the ability of the individual to seek happiness,’ which to her means redistributing people’s labor.

The San Francisco Mess Proves Decriminalizing Drugs Doesn’t Work

To clean up the mess we’ve created, San Francisco needs to start paying attention to both law enforcement and rehabilitation. And the rest of the United States should pay attention.

No, Hallmark Movies Are Not ‘Fascist Propaganda’

Contrary to what feminist writer Amanda Marcotte says, stories of heterosexual monogamous courting, like Hallmark movies, are the exact opposite of fascism.

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’ Reveals An Appetite For Libertarian Entertainment

We’ve all seen filmmakers’ cookie-cutter wokeness. ‘Richard Jewell’ shows us something new and relatable through an American libertarian lens — and audiences could use more of that.

No, We Don’t Need A Federal Bureau Of Tampons To Solve ‘Menstrual Poverty’

I can direct you to real menstrual poverty. Imagine life without pads and tampons. In the Soviet Union, where I grew up, such products did not exist.

Why So Many Young Girls’ Political Activism Is A Cry For Emotional Health

Half a century ago, teen girls screamed at the Beatles. Today they scream about climate change. It turns out, using kids as political props is unhealthy.

Go Away, Whiny Feminists, Saying ‘You Guys’ Is Not A Real Problem

If the real goal is to reprogram thinking, filling hearts with fear about uttering any third-person pronoun is a good place to start.

The 1917 Project: ‘Founded On Slavery’ Looks Like Communist Russia

If America was created for capitalism and liberty, the USSR’s founding idea was state control, of which slavery—or serfdom, as it is known in Russian context—was the inevitable result.

My Childhood Schooling In The Soviet Union Was Better Than My Kids’ In U.S. Public Schools Today

Ask the people in our immigrant community why we moved to the United States, and hear again and again: ‘For the kids.’ Yet here we are, failing them in one of the most important ways.