J.C. Bourque
J.C. Bourque
J.C. Bourque is a recovering liberal whose rantings can be found in his book “Squeezed: Rear-Ended by American Politics.” If you didn’t care for this essay, you won’t like the book, either.
10 Reasons My Cat Deserves To Win The Intersectional Victim Olympics

One’s Victim Score can be used to demand special dispensations from society or state-enforced obedience by non-woke citizens to inane rituals.

It May Be Cold Outside, But It’s Sure Hot In Here

I was just starting to read when the first words of that disgusting celebration of date rape seared my sensibilities: ‘I really can’t stay (but baby, it’s cold outside).’

The Internet Thinks I’m A Girl, And Even Though I’m Not It’s Pretty Exciting

The evidence that the web thinks I’m female is the advertisements. They’re completely inappropriate to my online behavior.

The Left Is Lying To Itself. They Loved Trump’s Inauguration

If people are taking to the streets to express their fear and anger, why do so many of them look so happy? Nostalgia.

A Suicidal Libertarian’s 10 Questions To Ask Before You Vote

If we’re looking for the best worst-case scenario, simply voting against one of the candidates may not deliver that outcome. We need a more-scientific method of choosing our executioner.

A Handy Guide To The New Gender Pronouns

We libertarians get particularly choleric when people try to use government force to curtail our freedoms, like speech. Telling me how to speak is just as bad as trying to shut me up.

Why All The Hippies Morphed Into Campus Fascists

How the flower people transformed our universities and colleges into the most rigid, closed-minded, repressive, unthinking sort of society.