Heather Wilhelm
Heather Wilhelm
Heather Wilhelm

Heather Wilhelm is a columnist for National Review. Her work regularly appears in the Chicago Tribune, and has also been featured in RealClearPolitics, Commentary magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the Washington Examiner, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Last Navel-Gazing Think Piece You Ever Need To Read On Quitting Twitter

When you leave Twitter, you free yourself from the baffling spectacle of watching intelligent people waste their entire day arguing with random Internet users.

All-Female ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Provokes Fauxrage Over Implication Women Can Be Bad

Amid their male privilege, these Hollywood directors apparently forgot that a sizeable segment of the population has gone barking mad.

I Hate The Internet, And You Should, Too

Join me, friends! We should all take our own little part in the Great Internet Revolt of 2017.

That Viral Houston Daycare Sign Is Right. Parents, Get Off Your Phones

The sign indicates that large numbers of parents were idling about on their phones all the time. If you live in twenty-first-century America you can instantly confirm this.

Feminists: Man Clubs Are Sexist, But Woman Clubs Are Awesome Sauce

‘No Boys Allowed: The New Rule of Co-Working Spaces,’ declared the title of a fawning BloombergBusinessweek profile on January 4.

Don’t Shame The Unsung Heroism Of My Fake Christmas Tree

In times of turbulence and chaos, fake Christmas trees remain the same. They’re like the Rock of Gibraltar, if the Rock of Gibraltar were a manufactured petroleum product.

No, ‘Ecosexuals,’ Mother Nature Does Not Want To Have Sex With You

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle advocate treating the earth like a lover, not a mother. They call for adding an ‘E’ to the long-suffering, ever-lengthening acronym of LGBTQI.

Dear Amy Schumer: Obsessing Over Body Functions Is Rude

Amy Schumer’s latest period-related shenanigans at Sunday’s Emmy Awards could make anyone question whether she’s ever had a period before.

Feminists Don’t Get Miranda Lambert’s Form Of Quiet Empowerment

In the age of modern feminism, it’s very much in vogue not to own any of your you-know-what, no matter how dysfunctional you may be. That’s not Miranda Lambert.

The Great Ann Coulter Immigration Bamboozle

The week Ann Coulter’s book ‘In Trump We Trust’ rolls out, she learns no, no we cannot.

In Defense Of Dumpster Fires

Instead of attending the Republican Convention, Sen. Ben Sasse will ‘take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state,’ his spokesman says. Finally, someone gives dumpster fires the credit they deserve.

Are You Ready To Move To Texas? A Scientific Quiz

Forget Brexit. It’s time for a Texit.

My One-Night Stand With ‘The Bachelorette’

Not gonna lie. I’ll probably be back.

Prepare For The Apocalypse: Trump Nails Kasich And Dunham

We will all now join John Kasich in eating our feelings about this sad, sad 2016 election season.

The Rise Of The Sex-Crazed Twitter Nazi Bots

Why anyone expected a robot who learned on Twitter to become anything other than a Nazi is beyond me.

A Feminist Handbook for Ruining Your Life

Once again, a feminist tome attempts to tell women that they can be happy by transcending marriage and motherhood by engaging in a litany of flawed rationalizations.

I Don’t Care If We Never Have A Woman President

Hillary Clinton’s problem is that she’s Hillary Clinton, not that she’s a woman.

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Present

In the end, all of our gifts are messy replicas—a mere reflection of the awe-inspiring, incomprehensible love behind Christmas.

Put Your Christmas Stuff Away, You Fiends! It’s Not Even Thanksgiving Yet

Redirect your outrage, Internet mobs, and protect us from the Christmas creep.

Dear Feminists: Your Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mash Notes Are Embarrassing

Feminists sure love Ruth Bader Ginsburg! But few others are likely to be enamored of a new book on the Supreme Court justice.