Heather Wilhelm
Heather Wilhelm
Heather Wilhelm

Heather Wilhelm is a columnist for National Review. Her work regularly appears in the Chicago Tribune, and has also been featured in RealClearPolitics, Commentary magazine, the Dallas Morning News, the Washington Examiner, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Don’t Love Me Because I’m Beautiful

All hail America’s newest victim class: the pretty girl.

Carbohydrates: A Love Letter

Jeb Bush’s paleo diet is to blame for his bland debate performance. Jeb! Come back! There is a better way!

Taylor Swift Flirts With The Feminist Dark Side

Hanging out with Lena Dunham has given Taylor Swift some ridiculous ideas.

Chelsea Clinton’s Second Fake Job: Saving the World

Be lenient with Chelsea Clinton. When your mission is to solve all problems for all women in the entire world, it’s hard to know every relevant fact or cultural nuance.

Fear, Loathing, And The Great American Yoga Pants Panic

Women wear yoga pants because they are convenient and comfortable. And some ladies overdo it. So here’s a guide for them and their befuddled critics.

Sex Tips For Crazies: Wading Into The Wild World Of Cosmo

Cosmo claims to offer the ingredients to be a Fun, Fearless Female!™ Alas, it actually seems to offers the ingredients for A Whole Lotta Crazy™.

The Scott Walker Racial Rorschach Test

Some people see a racist inside every head that formerly wore a mullet.

Get Ready For The Feminist War On ‘Gendered Toys’

It’s time for everyone involved in the toy wars to relax.

Why I Left Feminism (Or, How Feminism Left Me)

Here are seven problems with modern feminism.

Rocket Scientist Matt Taylor Shot Down Over His Impossible, ‘Big Lebowski’-Style Bowling Shirt

Feminists clearly have nothing to do if they can spend half a week outraged at Matt Taylor’s lingerie-clad women-sporting shirt.

‘Potty-Mouthed Princesses’ And The Feminist Rabbit Hole

If you like indignant children dressed as princesses screaming at you about imaginary oppression while dropping F-bombs, you will love this video.

Emma Watson And The Chamber Of Feminist Conundrums

It’s somehow not remarkable what Emma Watson didn’t discuss in her recent United Nations speech.

The Electric Kool-Aid Birth Control Hormone Test

We’ve come to look at birth control as a way to control our lives while ignoring potential and serious psychological, physical, and social consequences.

Can Feminists Do Anything On Their Own?

Feminists insist they need men, if only to hate them.

Two Cheers For Repression?

In ‘Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*@!,’ Amy Alkon argues the way to stop blatant rudeness is to stand up to it.

Hijacking A Mass Murder To Boost Self-Esteem

#YesAllWomen might end up being the most narcissistic event of 2014, which is saying something, given that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just got married.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate Your Children

A new report argues that children of strongly opinionated, indoctrinating parents are the most likely to rebel against those political views.

How Joe Biden Ruined My Wednesday

When did political photo ops become important enough to shut down a city?