Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin

Ellie Bufkin is a cultural and political journalist and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Ellie also worked in the wine industry as a journalist and sommelier. You can follow her on Twitter@ellie_bufkin.

Socialist Darling AOC Demands Increase To Her Salary Already Triple The Average American’s

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez implies that earning more than three times the average U.S. salary isn’t enough to stop her and her colleagues from resorting to cronyism and graft.

Kylie Jenner Throws ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Birthday Party. SJWs Predictably Erupt

You can no longer throw TV show-themed parties, since SJWs might claim you’re supporting brutal, totalitarian empires.

‘Always Be My Maybe’ Breathes Life Into The Gasping Rom-Com Genre

Ali Wong’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ is at once charming and funny, leaving nearly all of the raunch and shock on the cutting room floor.

MLK’s Alleged Abuse Of Women Does Not Negate His Achievements

It is only now that the noted Martin Luther King Jr. historian has decided the details of King’s salacious hidden life merits attention and ridicule.

‘Veep’s’ Greatest Weapon Was Making No Topic Off-Limits For Jokes

In an era where comedy has been neutered in the name of political correctness, ‘Veep’ remained wholly unconcerned with who it might offend.

Michigan Democrat Claims The Holocaust Was A Tragedy For…Palestinians

Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib confirmed her profound anti-Semitism when she claimed that thinking of the Holocaust ‘always kind of gave her a calming feeling.’

Baltimore Mayor Third In A Row To Leave Office In Disgrace

The Baltimore mayoral office has been troubled for more than a decade. Catherine Pugh is the third Baltimore mayor in a row to vacate office in a cloud of shame.

Federal Agents Raid Baltimore Mayor’s Home During Children’s Book Scandal

Catherine Pugh had been on the board of UMMS at the time of the $500,000 book order and was to be a deciding voter on a potentially lucrative government contract for Permanente.

Why Abortion Never Works Onscreen Even Though Hollywood Desperately Wants It To

Storylines in everything from ‘Veep’ to ‘Juno’ attempt to deal with abortion, but the latest Hollywide trend is trying to make it funny and casual.

Maggie Haberman Thinks It’s Weird For The White House To Play ‘Edelweiss’

Perhaps Haberman believes ‘Edelweiss’ in the modern world is a symbol of a fictional television takeover by Nazis. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Netflix’s ‘Traitors’ Is Hampered By An Ignorant Political Agenda

Netflix’s ‘Traitors’ seems to have all the ingredients of a great television show, but built its entire story around an ill-researched political stance.

The Silence Of The Bells: Notre Dame Cathedral In Ashes

In its 850 years, the cathedral has also become a symbol for France, the West, and Christendom. In its lifetime, it has seen the highest points and the darkest hours of France.

Top 15 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theories For The Final Season

Now that the last season is officially underway, here are some of the favorite theories floated by several Federalist writers.

Baltimore Mayor In Hot Water For Shady Children’s Book Sales To City Contractors

Last week, the mayor acknowledged a ‘regrettable mistake’ in taking $500,000 from a city contractor for her series of children’s books.

5 People John Oliver Brutally Shamed Without Apology

By giving his political rhetoric a previously unknown face for his fans to punch at, ostensibly in the name of comedy, Oliver creates more internet hostility than any other host.

Here’s Precisely Why ‘Captain Marvel’ Is Such A Disappointment

Marvel broke the mold of character origin films with ‘Black Panther,’ then they tried to put that mold back together for ‘Captain Marvel.’

5 Ways To Ask For A Raise Instead Of Faking A Hate Crime

While Jussie Smollett awaits trial for a Class 4 felony charge for filing a false police report, perhaps he could take this opportunity to think of better ways to procure a raise in the future.

The Best And The Worst From Last Night’s 2019 Academy Awards

Going forward without a host for the first time in 30 years and struggling to attract advertisers, last night’s Oscars still managed to go exceed its three-hour run time by almost 20 minutes.

It’s Fine If Malia Drinks Underage, But Here Are Some Better Rosès For Next Time

In fairness to Malia Obama, very few 20-year-olds in history have been credited with having any taste in wine whatsoever. She could be doing much, much worse.

Top 6 Movies To Watch In Memory Of Albert Finney

When movie icons like Albert Finney die, the only true way to honor them as fans is to revisit their body of work with softer, more appreciative eyes.