Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin

Ellie Bufkin is a cultural and political journalist and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Ellie also worked in the wine industry as a journalist and sommelier. You can follow her on Twitter@ellie_bufkin.

Baseball Legend Frank Robinson Was Relentless, Competitive, And Beloved

In every game of his 21-year playing career, Robinson’s fans knew they were watching a legend.

Watch Cardi B. Do A Better Job Defending Wealth Than Howard Schultz Does

In a Twitter video posted on Tuesday, the ‘Money’ rapper stated explicitly that people who worked hard for their wealth should be able to spend it.

5 Best Things About 2019’s SAG Awards

Hosted by Megan Mullally, the Screen Actors Guild Awards seemed to lack the laughter-free awkwardness that has been pervasive early in the 2019 awards season.

Paul Scheer Needs A New Podcast Co-Host For ‘Unspooled’

This podcast should be fantastic. The premise of a charismatic comedian experiencing many of these treasured movies for the first time held promise.

Netherlands Investigates Pastors Who Publicly Affirmed Marriage

The Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service is currently investigating whether the Nashville Statement violates Dutch discrimination laws.

The Last 20 Years Of TV Drama Owe Everything To ‘The Sopranos’

The pilot episode of ‘The Sopranos’ debuted 20 years ago on HBO, and signaled a major turning point in television drama.

It’s No Shock That Hulu Canceled Sarah Silverman’s ‘I Love You America’

On Wednesday, streaming service Hulu announced that they were cancelling their only political talk show, ‘I Love You America with Sarah Silverman,’ after one season.

20 Jokes That Didn’t Stop Netflix From Giving Jimmy Carr A Show

Netflix’s new ‘The Fix’ is an utterly pointless waste of a comedian as funny as Jimmy Carr, who doesn’t give a hoot about political correctness or solving world problems.

8 Delicious Booze-Free Cocktails to Help You Survive Dry January

‘Dry January’ has gained popularity over the past few years as many choose to forgo their typical imbibing lifestyle for a booze-free month.

Louis C.K.’s Comeback Is About Good Comedy, Not Kowtowing To The Right

Perhaps at the realization he’ll never ingratiate himself with everyone, the comedian is now fully back to his previous form, exploring jokes about material considered ‘off-limits.’

Here’s How To Make Pasta Carbonara The Right Way

Don’t mess up the classics. And if a restaurant puts parsley on the hallowed dish, leave immediately, or fear for your taste buds.

18 Top Comedians Who Can Never Host The Oscars Now

Following Kevin Hart’s departure, many names have surfaced as possible replacements, but let me save the Academy time and show why they are disqualified as not politically correct enough.

85 Years After Prohibition Was Repealed, It’s Still Dogging Millions Of Americans

Many states maintain unjust and irksome regulations on their alcohol industries. Lovers of freedom should work to repeal today’s remnants of the temperance movement.

Your Gift Guide To Classic Outfittings For The Home Bar

Don’t be fooled by silly or gimmicky bar products. Drink-making is one of the oldest, most fun traditions in the world, and doesn’t require nifty gadgets that will get lost in a drawer for years.

Magician Ricky Jay Will Be Missed For His Unmatched Talent And Wit

The world has lost a master. Ricky Jay’s knowledge of the craft and dedication to learning is unlikely to ever be matched by another magician.

The Media’s Obsession With Michael Avenatti Has Gone Far Enough

The ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony domestic battery in Los Angeles.

Disciplined And Loaded With Talent, ‘Homecoming’ Paves The Way For Podcast Adaptations

‘Homecoming’ proves that the right combination of story, talent, and discipline can become something truly entertaining.

Dan Crenshaw Overcame America’s Gaping Political Divide In SNL Appearance

The former NAVY seal gave us hope that a deeply fractured nation might actually have a fighting chance of coming together.

Why ‘The Romanoffs’ Is The Worst Television Show Ever

Unfortunately, beauty isn’t everything in storytelling, and the story told here is about as graceful as a limping billy goat.

Antifa Group Protests At Tucker Carlson’s Home, Posts His Address Online

They rang his doorbell several times with no answer, gleefully posting their activity on Twitter while chanting, “No Borders! No Wall! No USA at all!”