Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin

Ellie Bufkin is a cultural and political journalist and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Ellie also worked in the wine industry as a journalist and sommelier. You can follow her on Twitter@ellie_bufkin.

Millennials Meet Mortality With The Passing Of ‘Saved By The Bell’ Actor Dustin Diamond

It’s time to accept we won’t be able to watch a ‘Saved by the Bell’ rerun without a sense of sadness and loss not only for Diamond, but for our own youths.

How Toxic Leftism Killed The Vibrant Bon Appetit YouTube Channel

The Bon Appetit saga proved you can politicize everything, as the mob demands, or you can create a vibrant, innovative culture — but you can’t have both.

Why ‘Once Upon A Time’ Deserve Best Picture At This Year’s Oscars

Hollywood doesn’t have a higher honor to give and until Congress starts bequeathing medals to dorky gangster directors for perfect movies, the Oscar will have to do.

Why It’s Super-Ignorant To Say Jennifer Lopez’s Puerto Rican Flag Was An Immigration Diss

On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez’s choice to wear the Puerto Rican flag seemed to be a flashpoint for the geopolitically misinformed.

Why The 2010s Were Absolutely The Worst ‘Saturday Night Live’ Era Ever

Allegiance to the show has ebbed and flowed throughout its continuous 45-year run, and depth of talent among the cast and writers’ room has never been static.

Despite Overwhelming ‘Whiteness,’ This Year’s Oscar Nominations Show The Academy Awards Might Actually Be Fun

It is refreshing to see the Academy buck the outrage culture crying over “inequality,” and it is a delight to see films we all loved get recognition in a circle that seemed to have been shrinking around more unpopular films each year.

4 Reasons ‘Cats’ Was So Bad It Must Be A Secret Dog Plot

‘Cats’ was so bad that the only reasoning I can come up with for its badness is that it was a plot by dogs to make cats as unappealing as cosmically possible.

Ricky Gervais Gave Liberal Media The Sads At 2020 Golden Globes

Liberal members of the media expressed disgust that Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais would dare criticize Hollywood millionaires for being uninformed hypocrites. 

‘1917’ Tells One Of The Greatest Stories Of Courage Since ‘Saving Private Ryan’ 

‘1917,’ which follows the release of Peter Jackson’s groundbreaking World War I documentary by one year, shares a story of selflessness and honor through technically dazzling cinematic effects.

Bashing The NBA For Supporting Communist China Is Bringing Liberals And Conservatives Together

In a time when it looks like political parties couldn’t be more divided in the United States, the NBA’s deeply defective relationship with China is providing some common ground.

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Could Take A Cue From British Political Humor

If SNL’s writers are capable of crafting a sketch that embodies the best of political satire, why do they refuse to apply that skill to the cold open and the Trump administration?

5 Ways ‘Saturday Night Live’ Could Actually Appeal To Conservatives

If SNL thinks casting a midwestern comic in the image of Larry the Cable Guy is the way to reconnect with conservative America, they are in store for a ratings disappointment.

Why Bill Burr’s Jokes Targeting Feminism Are Pro-Woman

Like Dave Chappelle in ‘Sticks & Stones,’ Bill Burr leans hard into an outright attack against those who have called to have him ‘cancelled.’

Why Plastic Straws Are Actually Better For The Planet Than Paper Straws

Do not be convinced you are saving the planet by drinking out of a terrible straw. Plastic straws are simply not killing the planet, and science just can’t stop proving it.

Chappelle’s Words In ‘Sticks & Stones’ May Hurt You — But They Make For Excellent Comedy

‘Sticks & Stones’ takes an inward look at how Chappelle has affected the new landscape of comedy-bashing harpies as he takes specific comedic aim at those trying to stop him from being him.

Baltimore’s Homicide Rate Is So High, Residents Could Claim U.S. Asylum If They Weren’t Americans

People have long misrepresented Baltimore, but much of what President Trump said this past weekend about my cherished hometown was right on the nose.

‘Aziz Ansari: Right Now’ Is A Mature, Humble Comeback Special

Ansari, no longer sourcing from the life experiences of a single 20-something who likes food and soft sheets, evoked mid-life concerns relatable to so many.

Left Amps Up Justifications For Violence Against Their Political Opponents

The left’s new extremism condones assaulting conservatives in public. Antifa’s attack on a journalist is yet another example that our norms have changed.

15 Years Later, ‘The Notebook’ Is Still A Bad Movie

For the past 15 years, I’ve listened when fans offered their glowing opinions of ‘The Notebook.’ But on this anniversary, I’ve chosen to break my silence.

Even Though Others Want Him Gone for Good, Fans Still Want Louis C.K.

Following a recent surprise performance at Brooklyn comedy festival, Skankfest, the venue publicly apologized after pressure from many who found out that the disgraced comic had made an appearance.