Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin
A native of the Washington DC area, Ellie has years of experience working for some of the finest wine programs in the United States including Per Se, The Inn at Little Washington, Cityzen, Maialino, and Spago. These days, Ellie writes about her experiences in wine, travel, and many other topics for various publications. Ellie resides in New York City, you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.
8 Actually Funny Sketches ‘Saturday Night Live’ Could Have Done With Stormy Daniels

You have Donald Trump accuser Stormy Daniels on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ set, and this lame, convoluted, cold open is what the writers chose?

Why I Deleted My Bumble Dating App After It Advertised For Planned Parenthood

I honestly hadn’t opened the dating app for months, so I had no intention of ‘matching’ with anyone, but after I saw the message, I went ahead and deleted it altogether.

‘A Quiet Place’ Is A Graceful, Touching Monster Movie

No need for a monster in every scene. This movie gets screams by simply making a sound with a small toy.

The Anti-Gun Plotline In ‘Lost In Space’ Is Forced And Ludicrous

The anti-gun message is an ill-fitting exception to what is otherwise an apolitical show, and is simply not believable as a plot point.

‘Beirut’ Is A Completely Forgettable, Yet Perfectly Delightful Spy Thriller

There’s nothing wrong with making a movie that won’t receive Oscar buzz, or break records, or cause its viewers to have an existential crisis.

‘Chappaquiddick’ Focuses Viewers On The Young Woman Ted Kennedy Left To Die

John Curran’s ‘Chappaquiddick’ accomplishes its goal of telling the story of the notorious events of July 1969 while showing an admirable level of focus and discipline.

John Oliver Sics Nasty Internet Mobs On Pence Family Picture Book. Their Response Will Shock You

John Oliver decided to deep-six an apolitical children’s book about a bunny simply because the book’s author’s father is a guy he doesn’t like.

Childish Gambino’s ‘Atlanta’ Is Back, And It’s One Of The Best Shows On Television Right Now

‘Atlanta’ is at once hilarious and devastating. There is an overload of talent in front of the camera, behind it, and in the writer’s room.

There’s A Gender Gap In The Reception To Spielberg’s Hotly Anticipated ‘Ready Player One’

It seems that the heavily nostalgic virtual reality fantasy film dazzled the boys, but didn’t bring anything for the girls. What gives?

‘Wrinkle In Time’ Is Getting Panned By Critics, And Director Ava DuVernay Is Not Taking It Well

DuVernay is blaming white men who she thinks just don’t get it for poor reviews of the movie that are giving it a poor score on sites like Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Thoroughbreds’ Is A Tightly Acted And Entertaining Thriller

The film is divided into four unnamed chapters and moves at a delightfully quick pace.

We Watched The Oscars So You Didn’t Have To. Here Are The Highlights.

There were very few upsets of early predictions. The ‘Shape of Water’ with its curious tale of a woman who loves a fish-man won Best Picture.

In ‘Black Panther,’ Wakanda Is A Trumpian Fever Dream

If you forget that Wakanda is supposed to be in East Africa, it starts to sound an awful lot like a Trumpian fantasy land.

Oscar Snub Repeats Tonya Harding’s Life Story Of Losing Unfairly To Pretty Girls

There are a lot of wonderful things I could say about other nominees, but ‘I, Tonya’ deserves to be recognized alongside them.

‘I, Tonya’ Offers A Moment Of Redemption For Tonya Harding’s Rough Life

After years of living my own life, complete with very bad choices and a lot of help from loved ones, I deeply regret choosing to judge Tonya Harding for a story I only knew from TV.

The Kardashians Are O.J. Simpson’s Celebrity Heirs

There is something almost funny about using a family famous for no reason to promote a series about a time we were all obsessed with a former football star for no

Restaurants Ponder How To Charge Patrons For Obamacare

Eateries like Franny’s in New York City can’t afford Obamacare regulations without huge price hikes.

Why Do We Love Watching Gordon Ramsay Yell At People?

Modern culture is obsessed with celebrities and image, no less for chefs than for everything else. Why do we love seeing Gordon Ramsay yell at kids?

Why Yelp Restaurant Reviews Aren’t Trustworthy

When your clientele gets good feelings from finding problems, it becomes nearly impossible to take care of them.

Is Tipping Wait-Staff Over?

Hospitality trendsetter Danny Meyer has announced he will eliminate tipping at all of his 13 full-service restaurants.