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Breaking News Alert Here's How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Associated Press Rehabs Hunter Biden Edition

Conservative Women Will Make Democrats Pay For Kavanaugh In November

Democrats assumed Republican women would play into their identity politics instead of seeking truth, and that assumption is blowing up in their faces.


Since the day Brett Kavanaugh was named as President Trump’s nominee to serve on The Supreme Court, women on the left have been angry. Now women on the right are even angrier. The media circus surrounding the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh have produced no evidence that he is, or ever was, the man that Democrats and the media have portrayed him to be. Many conservative women see an eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee standing his ground, while duly elected members of the Senate attempt to destroy his life and prevent him from serving on the nation’s highest court. These women are furious about the behavior of the left, and they don’t intend to stand for it.

With Senate races tightening all over the country as Election Day approaches, Republican women have shown tremendous fortification through the Kavanaugh hearings and allegations. In The Marist Poll released Wednesday, 83 percent of Republican women claim that the midterm elections are “very important,” a 12 percent increase from the same poll conducted in July. The treatment of Kavanaugh has lit a fire in the belly of conservative women. Enthusiasm among Democratic women actually fell two points — from 81 percent to 79 percent — over the same period.

While women on the right are resentful of the treatment of Kavanaugh, they listened to Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation and testimony. These women simply want fair treatment of the accused as well, and ask for proof before condemnation. Hashtags like #BelieveWomen, and #BelieveSurvivors certainly seem to carry a positive tone of rallying around the abused, but their implication of “Believe everyone, no matter what” is terrifying to its core. The concept of believing anyone without corroborating evidence is against the fabric of this nation, and didn’t sit well with a lot of women in this country. Emily Yoffe pointed out in The Atlantic the inherent issues with the movement to flatly believe all women. “If believing the woman is the beginning and the end of a search for the truth, then we have left the realm of justice for religion,” she wrote.

Many conservative women do not want to live in a country where a person and his family can be destroyed because he is a man and his accuser is a woman. Republican women will turn out to vote in November because they know this destructive circus surrounding Kavanaugh is just a taste of what life could be like if the wrong people are elected to represent them. It became clear to women on the right that Democrats manipulated the political climate in an attempt to gain favor in the midterm elections.

Emma Green of The Atlantic spoke to some very angry conservative women, who assured her there would be hell to pay in November. These women feel energized to stand up for what is right, to defend the integrity of a man and his family dragged through hell in the name of political gain, and to do whatever they can to prevent something similar happening in the future.

Democrats overplayed their hand with women in this country. They made a dangerous assumption that a man accused of sexual assault could not be exonerated to the public, and that all women would certainly take the side of the female accuser. They assumed Republican women would play into their identity politics instead of seeking truth, and that assumption is blowing up in their faces. Women who may have been feeling disillusioned by President Trump have found a new motivation to vote against Democrats in the Midterms.

In July, The Marist Poll showed Democratic voters to be significantly more interested in the midterms than their Republican counterparts. Just three months later, the same poll showed the momentum had reversed, and the once confident leads held in key issues had been greatly diminished. The left may have again been fooled into forgetting how many conservative women live in America, an error in thinking that will very likely cost them in November.