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Brandon Morse
Brandon Morse

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Why Wizard World Will Regret Banning Fake Guns

Apparently the gaming and comics convention Wizard World would rather ban learning and play in favor of fearmongering and misinformation.

The Newest ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

If this theory is correct, then this is J.J. Abram’s greatest plot twist to date, and will be hard to top for the rest of his career.

Here’s Your Rundown Of What’s Happened At E3

What the big three—Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony—have revealed so far at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Keep Your Identity Politics Away From Captain America

LGBT activists’ concern over identity politics is for a niche audience, and putting Captain America in this situation won’t make it any less so.

In 2016’s ‘Batman v Superman,’ Hillary Clinton Is Not Wonder Woman

The only thing worse than ‘Batman v Superman’ is a stupid think piece about it.

SFSU Students Scuffle Over White Man’s Dreadlocks

Two black San Francisco State University students accost a young white man for having dreadlocks.

Will Ted Cruz Name Applejack As His Running Mate?

Not only would My Little Pony’s Applejack be the first ‘vice pony,’ she would also be the first female in American history to occupy the vice presidency.

If The FBI Can Make Apple Open Syed Farook’s iPhone, It Can Do Anything

The government wants Apple to make a hack-friendly iOS to combat terrorism, but it will open the door for unprecedented levels of cyber terrorism.

Allowing Transgender Olympians Is Unfair To Women

To accommodate transgender athletes, many women will have to give up their dreams of Olympian gold. That goes for girls in everyday sports leagues, too.

How Video Games Mainstream Conservatism

Video games, whether many know it or not, tend to bring out the latent right-winger in all of us.

Why Congress Cut The CDC’s Gun Research Budget

The Centers for Disease Control was using taxpayer money to pay for biased advocacy studies about guns and gun control.

Ken Starr Says Students Can’t Be Trusted With Guns

College students aren’t mature enough to handle Texas’s new campus carry law, says Ken Starr of Baylor University.

Here’s Why People Are Going Crazy Over ‘Fallout 4’

The world of ‘Fallout’ gives players the experience of real freedom, without social obstructions and regulations holding them back.

If You Want To Protect Yourself, A Gun Works A Lot Better Than A Plastic Phallus

Bringing a dildo to a gun fight will cause shooter to laugh, throwing off his aim before shooting you anyway, where you would then die holding a dildo.

We’re Sorry For Producing Our Cisgendered Son

I, a patriarchal oppressor, have created more patriarchy. Read, and weep.

No, Samus Aran Is Not A Trans Woman

Samus Aran, one of the most heroic women in video games, is not shemale, thanks.

This Dentist Allegedly Used Government Funds To Torture Children

Medicaid has paid $4 million to a dentist accused of drilling into children’s heads without giving them pain killers.

My Little Pony To Children: Marxism Is Not Magic

Yes, My Little Pony is really brave enough to tell kids about the dangers of enforced equality.