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Breaking News Alert Prosecutor: California DA Dropped Bombshell Election Data Case Because It Might Help Trump

Aaron Sorkin Is The Real Villain Behind The Senate Sex Scandal

In your heart, you know I’m right.


By now, you’re likely familiar with the sordid saga of a U.S. Senate staffer, reportedly Aidan Maese-Czeropski, uploading a recording of himself in the throes of passion with another man in a Senate hearing room.

To any person with basic human decency, the tryst was a vulgar, offensive display. Not only was this two-man assault on our institutions far worse than Jan. 6, but the staffer’s refusal to take responsibility for defiling the U.S. Senate — Maese-Czeropski insisted he was “attacked” over who he “love[s] to pursue a political agenda” — while the corporate media downplayed the actions, albeit entirely expected, is particularly insulting.

Maese-Czeropski was fired, but some serious questions remain. Chiefly: “Can people please stop posting screenshots of the video online?” and “Theories on alternative lifestyles aside, what set this in motion?”

Other than the evidently raw attraction between the two men in the video, I think it’s pretty obvious. None other than Hollywood’s insufferable liberal-in-chief Aaron Sorkin is responsible for the December 2023 Senate sex tape scandal.

Think of the most insufferable liberal you know — the ascended midwit who insists his worldview is, in fact, not ideological but the trappings of a “good person.” The guy who overcompensates for his lack of pattern recognition by hiding behind a glossy veneer of anxious-to-the-point-of-neurotic professionalism so as not to ruffle the feathers of anyone who, down the road, might endorse him for “punctuality” on LinkedIn.

He is the Aaron Sorkin liberal.

Inspired by network television series like “The West Wing,” he is a generally aesthetically inoffensive individual whose purpose in life is maintaining perpetual proximity to power, hoping to one day attain it entirely through networking while contributing nothing to society himself. This Übermensch of mediocrity is most at home in the hierarchy and orthodoxy of Democrat politics, finding that it provides him with a sense of higher purpose. Christianity is so blasé, isn’t it, folks?

Despite having no genuine beliefs other than a general milquetoast, consensus liberalism, he unironically still believes Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election and looks favorably upon Liz Cheney for her “bipartisanship” in the wake of the Jan. 6 fedsurrection.

The Aaron Sorkin liberal is an unimpressive, seemingly perpetual backbencher whose unyielding professional motivation is the result of an all-consuming superficiality and spiritual vapidity. He values nothing more than status and personal advancement, and his secular, albeit profoundly religious-political worldview is the result of compulsive media consumption and profound oversocialization.

He signs anonymous letters demanding action from his superiors, passionately speaks in platitudes he does not understand, and thinks childish attempts at subterfuge will earn him enough accolades to comfort the existential ache he feels on a daily basis.  

The Aaron Sorkin liberal sorts the world into categories like “the good guys” and “the bad guys,” often without explicitly labeling them as such, and relies on too-cute-by-half quips as a means of signaling which is which. He is always sure, however, to remind those with whom he disagrees that they are, in fact, the bad guys. 

Due to residing solely within the comforting echo chamber of left-wing politics, he maintains an otherworldly idealistic view of politics and power solely through a liberal lens and genuinely doesn’t know why everyone is so upset about the Biden family’s pay-to-play corruption or the FBI’s attempted infiltration of Catholic communities. He would generally insist these aren’t things that are happening, but if pushed, he would cynically deflect and insist that your concern is nothing more than “whataboutism” and, without evidence, state Donald Trump was obviously more corrupt and that Catholics deserve to be spied upon.

Surely, you conjured images of that one kid with whom you went to high school or college. But my intention is not to disparage former theater kids or school class presidents — some of whom I assume are good people.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is a textbook example of an Aaron Sorkin liberal. She literally said she was inspired to return to politics because of Rob Lowe’s portrayal of a White House communications director in “The West Wing.” Infamous for “circling back,” deflecting, and cleverly quipping her way out of telling the truth to the American people, Psaki ran cover for Biden’s dismal presidency for his first year-plus in office before exiting to host a show on MSNBC. Until finding her way into presidential politics, she was a comms staffer who consistently hopped jobs, taking marginally bigger roles in Congress and on Democrat campaigns.

Psaki’s entire professional life is indistinguishable from a “West Wing” character’s origin story. She’s just someone who really believes in the cause. The “cause,” of course, has little to do in actuality with ideology or policy. In praxis, it means two things: personal advancement and prodding along the mechanisms that allow for the achievement and maintenance of said advancement, which requires the perpetual elevation of more Aaron Sorkin liberals. What this naturally results in is the perpetuation of a leftist fantasy where the nation isn’t burning, and it’s good that it is. But hey, the good guys are(n’t) burning it.

Despite probably not having any genuine beliefs other than a generally left-wing worldview, the Aaron Sorkin liberal can continually attain professional success and become further entrenched in the professional-managerial class by committing herself to said cause.

Psaki was able to climb the ladder due to her consistent proximity to power and pitbull-esque commitment to professional advancement. Before his apparent salacious Senate soiree, Maese-Czeropski looked to be on the same track. He’s since largely scrubbed his digital footprint from the internet, but his front-facing social media was generally inoffensive, indicating an impassioned belief only in peer-reviewed opinions. Neither the sex tape nor pleas for Biden to spit in his mouth were meant to see the light of day. The former was shared in a private group chat and bragged about on a private Instagram story, while the latter was the caption on a Venmo receipt, probably paying a friend back for coffee or Adderall.

Despite being a dyed-in-the-wool radical, the they/them who makes your latte isn’t anything more than a pawn in the left’s 4D chess game. And to be sure, disheveled they/thems certainly serve a purpose and do so quite obnoxiously, but it is the prim and proper Aaron Sorkin liberals who make space for their lived-experience social experimentation in the first place. After all, the foot solider’s need their own foot soldiers.

The ability of Aaron Sorkin liberals to navigate institutional power is a serious issue. It’s also one without a solution. They are an incredibly pernicious demographic and are the majority of the professional-managerial class. They are legion, and they should annoy you just as much as they annoy me.

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