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Reject The Rainbow Mob’s Farcical Transgender ‘Awareness’ Celebrations

Trans awareness week
Image CreditUNSW Communty/YouTube

In case you were unaware, we are in the middle of Transgender Awareness Week. The week preceding Thanksgiving (an antiquated Christofacist tradition), cities, corporations, and citizens alike are compelled to celebrate America’s new priestly caste, culminating in the high holy day of Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20.

Genuflections, child sacrifice, and, of course, awareness abound during this November, which also happens to be Trans Awareness Month. 

The stated goals of Transgender Awareness Week, Transgender Day of Awareness, and Trans Awareness Month are to “celebrate” trans-identifying individuals and to “educate” the public about the supposed onslaught of violence being perpetrated against them.

Much like how “Pride Month” is every month, Transgender Awareness Week is every week. Americans are unceasingly coerced by economic, cultural, and legal entities not just to celebrate but to affirm the LGBT agenda every day of the year, often to the detriment of their own beliefs.

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Federal judges even want to prevent religious parents from opting their children out of LGBT indoctrination in public schools. The government uses its authority and abundant resources to force children to accept transgenderism at an incredibly young age. 

Company after company caters to trans delusions. Women are pushed out of female-specific spaces, with help from the federal government, to accommodate neurotic men and sex pests. And leftist activists are able to suppress empiric evidence on the dangers of puberty blockers and transgenderism spreading via social contagion.

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Public schools use taxpayer money to hide kids’ so-called “gender transitions” from their parents, and medical professionals rubber-stamp gender dysphoria diagnoses in a cynical ploy to make a quick buck.

Even when a trans-identifying woman carried out an anti-white mass shooting ahead of the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” polite society attempts to blame anyone or anything other than the shooter. Leftists even rallied around the killer as though she were the victim.

The supposed violence being carried out en masse against trans-identifying individuals isn’t happening. The data shows that there simply are not roving bands of evangelical Christians beating up young men and women who are confused about what’s between their legs. As is often the case, “violence,” in this instance, means speech that offends leftist sensibilities or threatens the official narrative. 

Either way, like a bearded man in lipstick, Americans are extremely aware of trans-identifying people.

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