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Trans ‘Health Care’ Professionals Are ‘Rubber-Stamping’ Diagnoses Of Gender Dysphoria

Leftist medical providers of transgender services are ‘rubber-stamping’ letters of approval for invasive surgeries.


Far-left medical providers of transgender services are “rubber-stamping” letters of approval for invasive surgeries and treatments with permanent consequences, according to an explosive report from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

On Wednesday, Walsh published a 20-tweet thread chronicling how counselors for those claiming to struggle with gender dysphoria are given immediate diagnoses and recommended for surgery.

Walsh highlighted clips from an online seminar by licensed clinical social worker Ari Groner who provided a training on transgender interventions for the Juniper Center, a midwestern counseling enterprise offering services in Illinois and Indiana. In the video, Groner complains about the DSM-5 criteria for those with gender dysphoria and says her role is not to be a “gatekeeper” while pledging to write patients whatever letters they want.

“I’m not going to be a person that’s going to stop them from accessing care. I’m not there to determine if they’re trans enough. I’m going to write them this letter,” Groner said.

Industry practices in transgender medicine pursued by activist clinicians present a radical departure from standard health care protocol wherein patients now guide doctors on treatment programs and not the other way around.

In her seminar, Groner says letters are more effective when written as persuasive essays, especially when a patient has a history of suicidal ideation.

“You can kind of show that this is so necessary,” Groner said. “I have found that when I frame it in, a, you know, we’re going to kind of use this in a persuasive essay, and we’re really going to, you know, stick it to them; there’s a little bit more fun with it.”

Groner also explained the letters are for insurance companies so that major surgeries are financially covered.

“We’re using that diagnosis,” said Groner, “to ensure clients get that necessary treatment.”

“Whatever insurance companies might think of that, it’s the industry standard,” Walsh wrote.

Walsh documented how Folx Health, a telehealth service, “instructs patients that even if they don’t ‘fit’ the definition of gender dysphoria, the diagnosis is ‘needed’ so that insurers pay out.”

Another transgender clinic called Plume offers letters to patients claiming gender dysphoria for $150, according to Walsh.

“That’s how our producer [Gregg Re] received approval for testicle removal after a 22-minute video call,” Walsh reported. “He didn’t even attempt to pass. He badly mispronounced the name of the surgery he wanted. He made it clear he didn’t know what effect the surgery would have.”

Transgender surgery is expected to become a $5 billion-dollar industry by the end of the decade, according to an October report from Grand View Research.

In February, the Daily Caller debuted a documentary telling the stories of several detransitioners who fell victim to the ongoing transgender craze, each of whom suffer lifelong medical complications from treatment they received during their adolescence.

Chloe Cole, whose story was also the subject of a 9-minute documentary by the Independent Women’s Forum, shared with the Daily Caller how her own counselors were quick to offer a diagnosis without probing underlying issues.

“My first therapist was pretty lousy, honestly. He didn’t really do much. We were referred to a gender specialist who then diagnosed me with gender dysphoria,” said Cole. “I don’t remember it being very thorough.”

Cole ultimately went through with a double mastectomy before detransitioning.

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