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From Title IX To Title None, Biden Kills Women’s Sports And Safety

XY obliterates XX under Biden’s Title IX.


Biden is putting the final nail in the coffin of Title IX for women’s sports.      

Under President Joe Biden’s pernicious proposed rule announced last week, female athletes will no longer have federal protection against sex discrimination in the women’s category of sport. From elementary through middle school, teams designated for girls only are essentially banned. For policies at the high school and college levels, female athletes will have to prove they are at an unfair disadvantage to keep any trans-identifying male off the team and out of their locker rooms. 

Despite what Biden claims, Title IX was never about “fairness” as the controlling standard. From its inception until now, Title IX protection has always been about equal opportunity for female student-athletes denied the same benefits as their male peers on the basis of our natural sex.

Biden will have none of that. Men are the new women. Transgender identity is the new sex. Real women had better make way for any men claiming our identity. Males declaring “womanhood” have the upper hand in civil rights claims under his proposal. A male’s feminine feelings and desire for sports participation are prioritized over any psychological turmoil foisted on female athletes suffering the injustice. The disadvantage in sports goes one way, keeping female athletes off the playing field and faced with sexual intimidation in the locker room. 

When Biden finalizes these rules, Title IX will be Title None, offering none of the equal opportunity assurances this landmark civil rights law has guaranteed women and girls for the past 50 years. 

The perverse rendering of Title IX categorizes a trans-identifying male as a female athlete. Lia Thomas, who swam for three years on the University of Pennsylvania men’s team as Will Thomas, is now “female.” Under Biden’s rules, any “sex-related criteria,” such as having a penis, has nothing to do with defining who can be on a female team. 

President Has Not Found Middle Ground

The president hasn’t found a “middle ground,” as some are claiming. Biden is caught in the snare of a binary sex reality of XX and XY chromosomes that no human can re-construct. Title IX requires male and female teams; therefore, all participants are either male or female. Any biology student understands that even a lifetime of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and mutilating surgeries that try to mimic the body parts of women will never make a male into a female.

Nevertheless, Biden world wants you to think it is possible to have “fairness” in women’s sports by declaring “sex-related criteria” are merely secondary to being a woman athlete. Let’s be real, no Lia Thomas menstruates, and any Lia Thomas can manipulate performance in competition to claim entry would be “fair.”  

Women Betrayed

Sadly, some “women’s organizations” such as Champion Women, the Women’s Sports Foundation, and the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group, who claim to represent the interests of female athletes, are now betraying us. They’ve surrendered our status as women — naturally born human females — to the ideology of a trans-crazed culture declaring that any man can make a better female athlete in women’s sports, so long as it is “fair.”   

If every women’s team has a Lia Thomas or two, that’s all it would take to make it fair. I bet some coaches are already scouting, salivating at the chance to bring their teams from the bottom of the pack to near the top of the conference, like UPenn did with Thomas on the team.

Liberated women need to wise up to the insidious sex discrimination that these so-called women’s sports organizations are condoning. They are betraying your dignity and equal opportunity under federal law. There is no middle ground in a federal mandate that sidelines female athletes in their own sports — at any age, sport, or level of competition. You might as well scrap sex-separated sports altogether — which is what Biden’s rule is apt to force many to do.  

Title IX is Title None under this perverted version of sex discrimination. It’s the reason 20 states and counting have already passed protections for female athletes, keeping girls’ sports for girls only — all of which could be tossed out under Biden’s Title IX policy, throwing women and girls under the bus.

Until then, you have the chance to weigh in and oppose Biden’s Title None rule. Any self-respecting woman unwilling to sacrifice our status on the altar of trans-madness and any father who cares about his daughter’s opportunities should make their voices heard.    

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