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Tucker Carlson: Practicing Real Christianity Means ‘The People In Charge Want To Kill You’

Living our faith requires vigilance, but it also requires fearlessness, Tucker Carlson told a crowd of Christians in Ohio earlier this month.


As a journalist who’s covered various topics and written thousands of articles for national outlets, I’ve noticed one subject being neglected across the country: faith. Church membership and attendance have rapidly fallen and Biblical values have become limited in the modern world.

After traveling to Ohio earlier this month to hear Tucker Carlson speak about Christianity, it was reassuring to be reminded of the crosses we must bear to preserve our faith and walk in the footsteps of Christ. Living our faith requires vigilance, but it also requires “fearlessness.”

“Christians can absolutely get it wrong and do,” Carlson said at the event sponsored by the Center for Christian Virtue. “They could follow the wrong path; they can be mistaken. The one they cannot do is be afraid. Period.”

Yet most Christian leaders have buckled under the weight of fear and all but abandoned the pillars of our faith. Whether it was fear of government intrusion during Covid lockdowns, fear of not fitting in, or fear of death — Christianity has lost its way.

As a Catholic, I’m disappointed at how dystopic our nation has become regarding the persecution of the faithful — often treating religion as a threat. I’m also disturbed at how little Christian leaders have done to take a stand against this treatment while failing to inspire their flocks in the face of corruption.

I’ve all too often heard homilies and messages from church leadership devoid of meaning, devoid of God, vague, rambling, and without inspiration. This must end. The faithful must rise and take back what is theirs while strengthening those around them, whom the enemies of the church have trampled down.

As Tucker put it, the fight has drifted away from politics and become “a spiritual battle,” where souls are up for grabs.

The State Is Actively Persecuting Christians

He’s right. We now live in an age where freedom of religion extends only to a select few, while the Christian majority is monitored by the FBI. Sometimes they’re drawing federal attention for something as simple as attending Latin Mass, or peacefully protesting abortion.

The U.S. recently witnessed harsh convictions being sought by the Biden Justice Department against various pro-lifers, who are now facing months — if not years — in prison, for speaking out against the evils of abortion. Tucker touched upon this as well, by saying the point of existence is to have children. Those encouraging abortion have become the “enemy,” as they seek to twist the true nature of mankind for their own gain.

Our mere existence as faithful Christians and reliance on the Lord has upset an earthly order of power. One led by corrupt people, who desire worldly satisfaction devoid of God. It unbalances them so much they’re even willing to kill for it.

As Tucker reminded the crowd, “If you practice real Christianity, the people in charge want to kill you.” Your faith in something bigger represents a threat to their power.

Carlson pointed to the life and testimony of the apostle Paul from the New Testament. A former pharisee who was later blinded by God on the road to Damascus for his role in killing Christians.

“There’s not a letter [Paul] wrote where he didn’t have a sword hanging over his neck. He expected, at any moment, to be murdered,” Tucker said.

We saw the contempt our modern government has for God when it closed houses of worship during the pandemic but allowed liquor stores, strip clubs, and drug dispensaries to remain open.

What frustrated me most was how pastors, priests, and ministers cooperated with the government decrees. In a time of uncertainty, when they were most needed, where were they? Locked behind closed doors.

It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Christians must live with their eyes on the next life. But how do we accomplish this in a world that grows more secular by the day? We start by supporting each other in our spiritual needs, as well as living out our faith through corporal works of mercy.

One of the main takeaways from Carlson’s remarks was his advice about unity. If we don’t support and care for other Christians, how can we ever hope to achieve harmony? Not only does it inspire those outside the faith, but it strengthens those who are being persecuted and helps prepare their souls for the bigger battle ahead.

For as bad as things have become, they are only going to get worse, as governments seek more power and churches remain silent.

Carlson was correct when he said our “church predates those governments and will outlast them, as will the faith.” But sadly, Christians remain “so intimidated in this country.”

Followers of Jesus must openly share their love for the gospel, and their hope for eternal life and fight to keep these freedoms intact, despite pandemics, death, threats, and politics.

We must also emulate Paul’s calm serenity and rid ourselves of corrosive fear entirely. Christians are primed for persecution. It is written in the Gospel of John, “The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted Me, they will persecute you. If they kept My word, they will also keep yours.”

Yet we cannot let that silence us, for our suffering will have become meaningless. If the word of Christ is destroyed by enemies of the church and replaced with edicts from government, darkness will cover the world and countless souls shall be lost.

There is much at stake, but be not afraid, my friends. Trust God, lean not on your own understanding, and preach the good news to all corners of the world in freedom from fear. Amen.  

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