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5 Action Items Conservatives Should Focus On To Better Their Communities And Country

Enacting change doesn’t require a majority but a vocal and active minority devoted to the mission that’s at hand.


As a conservative, it’s hard to not get discouraged about the current state of our nation.

On an almost weekly basis, the federal government weaponizes its powers to persecute its political opponents and everyday conservatives. At the same time, this leftist leviathan goes out of its way to protect America’s corrupt First Family and allow street communists to go unpunished for breaking the law. It’s completely despotic.

While the situation may seem helpless, there are many ways in which everyday patriots can rally to save the country. As the left has routinely demonstrated, enacting change — whether in government or the culture — doesn’t require a majority but a vocal and active minority that’s devoted to the mission at hand.

To help advance the cause of liberty, I’ve compiled a list of five avenues that, if acted upon, could make a tremendous difference in stifling Democrats’ assault on the American experiment.

1. Remaining 2023 Elections

It’s no secret Democrats enjoy a structural and financial advantage over Republicans when it comes to elections. With left-wing nonprofits funded by leftist billionaires registering millions of likely Democrat voters in battleground states across the country, it remains critically important for conservatives to engage in similar efforts ahead of this year’s remaining elections.

Louisiana voters, for instance, will head to the polls on Oct. 18 to vote in elections for executive statewide offices (such as governor) and their state legislature, while states such as Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, and New Jersey will hold elections for a variety of statewide offices on Nov. 7.

If you want to help defeat Democrats in these states, check with national conservative groups to see if they’re involved in these states to turn out likely Republican voters and see if there’s a role for you in helping them do it. Similarly, if you live in any of the aforementioned states, become a campaign volunteer or reach out to your local or state Republican Party to see how your services can best be utilized.

The fact that Republicans don’t possess the same “get out the vote” capabilities and financial backing Democrats do is all the more reason to get involved in the grassroots activism needed to win at the ballot box.

2. Remaining 2023 Ballot Amendments

Equally as important to electing good candidates to office is ensuring state constitutions and laws are protected from leftist radicalism. According to Ballotpedia, citizens in six states will be voting on a variety of ballot amendments that alter their state constitution or laws, among them being Colorado, Ohio, Louisiana, New York, Maine, and Texas.

On Oct. 18, Louisianans will vote on a constitutional amendment proposal that seeks to prohibit the acceptance and use of private and foreign money in the conduction of elections. Meanwhile, pro-lifers will be put to the test on Nov. 7 in Ohio, where leftist groups such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are backing a ballot amendment that aims to enshrine baby-killing and “irreversible gender experiments” for minors into the state constitution.

Similar to campaigning for candidates, passing good (and defeating bad) ballot amendments requires the same type of groundwork. In Ohio, for example, reach out to your local or state pro-life organizations to see how you can get involved in door-knocking campaigns or related activities. Given the confusing language in some of these proposals, it remains equally important to remind conservative-minded voters of what it is the amendment would do and whether voting “yes” or “no” reflects their beliefs.

3. 2024 State Legislative Sessions

With Joe Biden occupying the White House until at least Jan. 20, 2025, state governments remain the best available tool to enact policies that halt federal infringement on our natural rights. To date, Republicans control 22 state trifectas, meaning many of the policies most GOPers talk about implementing but never do can actually become reality with a little push from “We the People.”

To get started, research your state representative and senator, including their voting record on significant subjects and what types of legislation they’ve previously sponsored. Find out where they stand on important issues, such as life and medical freedom.

As you’re vetting your district’s representatives, ask yourself what issues you find important and figure out whether your legislature’s acted on them. Your Republican governor, for example, may have signed a great law protecting unborn life last year, but what about bills addressing illegal immigration or ensuring the state’s elections are secure and transparent? It’s important to leave no issue on the table.

Equally significant to understanding the issues affecting your state is cultivating a relationship with your state reps. Regularly reach out to them in the months leading up to and during the 2024 legislative session to ensure your interests are being furthered and find like-minded patriots to join you in your cause. Never forget: There’s strength in numbers.

4. Your Local School Board Meetings

With neo-Marxist offshoots such as critical race theory and radical gender theory becoming ever-prevalent in public schools, it’s significant for parents to know what’s being taught in their child’s classroom.

Local school board meetings offer a great venue for parents and citizens to not only understand what curriculum is being taught to students on a daily basis but to voice their concerns about potential left-wing indoctrination. In recent years, parents in localities such as Loudoun County, Virginia, demonstrated the power parents have in exposing leftist curricula in public education and paved the way for parents across the country to do the same in their own communities.

And why go it alone? Make attending your local meeting a girl’s or guy’s night out where you all grab dinner or drinks afterwards. Nobody said self-governance had to be boring.

5. The Power of House Republicans

Despite controlling the power of the purse, few House Republicans advocate for the one federal solution that could stymie the DOJ’s political persecution of former President Donald Trump and conservatives: cuts in funding.

This month’s congressional budget fight presents the perfect opportunity to reign in the agency’s authoritarian behavior. But conservatives shouldn’t count on Republicans to stand firm in the face of Democrat lies and smears.

Call and email your Republican House representative relentlessly in the weeks leading up to and during this fight. Peacefully make them understand the urgency of the moment and ensure they don’t cower in the face of adversity. And while you’re at it, push them to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, gut “wokeness” from the military, and defund health agencies such as the CDC and FDA for lying to the public about Covid.

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