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Leftists Are Lying To You About Tommy Tuberville And ‘White Nationalists’

Sen. Tommy Tuberville
Image CreditABC 33/40/YouTube

Tommy Tuberville wasn’t dog whistling. He was telling the truth about Democrats spreading ‘white nationalist’ lies.


In this week’s edition of “They’re lying about ‘white supremacy’ again…”

It was just Tuesday that I wrote about the tendency of leftists to defend their indefensible positions by overcomplicating and distorting simple concepts so as to confound their political opponents and leave everyone wondering what it is that they must be missing.

No one’s missing anything. They just assume that if they blow enough smoke, no one will see what they’re doing, which is usually some form of theft.

It’s precisely what they’re doing with the manufactured controversy over Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s two-month-old comments about “white nationalists” being “Americans.”

The world’s worst writer Charles Blow likened the remarks this week to GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy referring to themselves as “nationalists.” From Blow’s Wednesday column:

Surely, Trump and Ramaswamy would say their comments had nothing to do with race — and that to suggest otherwise is, itself, racist. But in this stew of adulterated meanings, “white nationalist” gets conflated with being a white patriot and allows any suggestion of racism to become an aspersion cast at white nationalists without cause. Racism, to this way of thinking, can only be unambiguous, naked hatred. And by playing these word games, they are prying apart their politically necessary disdain of open racists from a calm and considered tolerance of intolerance, a muted acquiescence to a racial hierarchy — a skewed view of the history of racial contributions to humanity and the vaunted legacy of the founders of this country.

But that distinction cannot be made here. It is tortured logic and it will lead to ridiculousness.

If you read that and were unable to discern any meaning or logic, don’t panic. There is none. Blow’s intent is to make readers think there is something very complicated about the concept of racism.

You see, it’s not just about prejudice based on a person’s race. It’s also about the way a person describes his political leanings and the context in which he uses the word “nationalist” and who he said the words to and at what time of day. Also, the Founding Fathers.

It’s stupid. And nothing Tuberville said could possibly be confused as an endorsement of white supremacy or racism. What he said in a radio interview two months ago was that Democrats accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a racist.

That’s an indisputable fact. To disagree would be like calling it a lie that the sky is blue.

Asked by the host if “white nationalists” should be allowed to serve in the military, Tuberville replied, “Well, they call them that. I call them Americans.” For reasons unknown, reporters decided to revisit the matter by asking him several more times to clarify. He said it was an “opinion” for Democrats to call their political opponents “white nationalists.”

Again, that’s true, even if it’s an opinion based on nothing other than the ugly and hateful disposition of the modern Democrat.

Charles Blow said Tuberville was “trying to use a distorted notion of patriotism and a distorted definition of nationalism to whitewash white nationalists and white nationalism.”

It’s not nearly so complicated. But, of course, to continue scamming the American people, the left has to convince everyone it is.

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