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Despite Ongoing Violence In Ukraine, U.S.-Backed NGOs Encourage Refugees To Return Home For Abortions

If Ukraine is really as violent and uninhabitable as we’re being told, why are women being encouraged to return for abortions?


During the early stages of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees fled to the neighboring safe havens of Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia to escape violence in their homeland. But now that the war is entering its second year, some female refugees are venturing back into the warzone to receive heavily subsidized abortions that ensure the death of at least one more Ukrainian at a time.

In post-Roe America, stories of women crossing state lines to receive abortions are viewed as a harrowing journey in the left’s quest for so-called “reproductive health care.” But Ukrainian women are taking abortion travel to the next level as they venture back into their home country, despite it being actively at war, in hopes of receiving deadly procedures known to cause significant maternal harm and death. And the United States, through foreign aid and subsidized support of NGOs, might be footing the bill.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a rabidly pro-abortion organization, along with eight more NGOs in the Eastern European region, recently published a report that Americans opposed to funding abortion overseas should find disturbing. The center’s “Care in Crisis” report details how Ukraine has become an abortion destination for Eastern Europe.

The report states, “The difficulty of navigating pathways to care in Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia is such that many women who crossed European Union borders in the past fifteen months seeking safety and refuge from the dangers of active hostilities and atrocities now feel that they have no choice but to return to Ukraine temporarily if they need sexual or reproductive healthcare.”

The report was partially funded by the Eastern European Regional Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an institution whose very existence is reliant on longstanding American subsidization and which annually gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Center for Reproductive Rights. In the past, UNFPA supported China’s forced sterilization and abortion policies and radically pushed countries to liberalize their abortion laws through extortive measures like scorekeeping. If a country is found to be insufficiently pro-abortion, it could be added to a running list of nations with “human rights violations.”

UNFPA’s involvement in the Ukrainian abortion industry comes as no surprise as they are dedicated “to deliver[ing] a world where every pregnancy is wanted,” per their mission statement, insinuating that the ending of an unwanted child’s life is central to their cause.

One of the last legal protections for the unborn, specifically preventing federal tax dollars for foreign assistance from being used for abortion abroad, is the Helms Amendment. Naturally, the left is fighting tooth and nail to get the Helms Amendment repealed, and even though the amendment doesn’t allow funds to go directly to the procedure itself, all the money the U.S. provides via foreign aid is fungible. There is effectively zero way to prove that grants being given to internationally focused women’s “health” programs aren’t being used in roundabout ways to kill the unborn. After all, foreign aid is an appendage of the left’s agenda and uses the guise of compassion and allyship to advance toxic ideologies, like the left’s anti-natalist sentiment, abroad.

The corporate media insist Ukraine is a dangerous warzone, and, to be sure, it is; lives are being lost, villages are being pillaged, critical infrastructure is being destroyed, and so on and so forth. Allegedly, America’s moral outrage at this violence is why the U.S. government spent over $100 billion in assisting the Ukrainian war effort — to bring an end to the unnecessary killing. But, despite the outrage and the violence, we’re also being told it’s both safe and necessary for refugee women to travel back to Ukraine in order to receive abortions facilitated by extremely well-funded NGOs. 

NPR, for instance, celebrated the “covert effort to get abortion pills into Ukraine” and covered the story with intrigue reminiscent of a Cold War-era spy novel while criticizing Poland, a country that graciously received refugees, for opposing abortion.

It’s clear the media and the federal government are not interested in ending the war or saving lives, but it’s unclear why. For whatever reason, the international abortion industry and the war machine are being kept alive by Western activists who appear to have a greater interest in perpetuating destructive ideologies than in ending the violence and destruction.

The American people need to demand an itemized receipt that details exactly how our money is being spent in Ukraine. We already know it’s being used to perpetuate war, but it’s unconscionable that it might be used to further facilitate the taking of unborn children’s lives.

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