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How Can Media Identify ‘White Supremacy’ In Hispanic Shooter But Not Trans Murderer’s Anti-Christian Hate?

Left reacts differently to Texas shooing
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Leftists never let a good tragedy go to waste.


To Democrats and their partners in the corporate media and Department of Justice, everything is about maintaining a narrative, and there’s no better example of this than their disparate reactions to the March Nashville shooting and this week’s Texas shooting.

On Sunday, 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia gunned down civilians at a mall in Allen, Texas. Garcia is phenotypically brown and ethnically Hispanic, and his parents had to request a translator to speak with federal agents. Despite being a racial and ethnic minority, the corporate press reported that, according to an unnamed source, law enforcement is investigating Garcia for “possible links to white supremacist ideology.” The New York Times gave more details, indicating the gunman had been linked to an openly racist account on the Russian social media site OK.RU that “matches the gunman’s birthday and refers to a motel where he was staying before the shooting.”

Within less than a day, the media used anonymous sourcing to blame a shooting carried out by a brown man on “white supremacy,” similar to how they labeled George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” in 2012.

Compare that with the transgender shooter who murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. The FBI refused to investigate the Nashville shooting as a hate crime, despite local law enforcement suggesting the killer’s victims were targeted and the attack was linked to the shooter’s trans identity.

The attack appears to be quite transparently an example of anti-Christian hate, which prompted the media to shift into damage-control mode in order to defend the killer and transgender ideology more broadly.

Details about the Nashville shooter’s gender identity sow confusion and disinformation,” reads one NBC headline. “Anti-transgender sentiment follows Nashville shooting,” states ABC. Within a few days of the shooting, CBS News executives forbade their staff from using the word “transgender” when reporting on the Nashville shooter. 

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Likewise, Democrats placed all their sympathies with transgender people and either snubbed or blamed the six slain Christians. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press conference, “Our hearts go out to … the trans community” who is “under attack right now.” Other left-wing activists took it further, honoring the killer and suggesting that her victims deserved to die:

In a statement following the shooting, the Trans Resistance Network called the killings a dual “tragedy” and claimed the shooter had “no other effective way to be seen” than killing the six Christians.

When people began factually reporting on the “Trans Day Of Vengeance,” a Washington, D.C.-based transgender rally scheduled the Saturday following the Nashville shooting, the supposed “free speech” platform — Twitter — began mass censoring.

The platform banned reputable journalists, a sitting member of Congress, and Federalist CEO Sean Davis for covering the event, smearing them for allegedly engaging in “violent speech.”

Twitter also locked the New York Post out of its account for reporting the company’s censorship of the “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, claimed the censorship was meant to hinder event planning for the “Trans Day Of Vengeance.” Those who were punished by Twitter disagreed. “What the people behind this censorship are truly worried about is the prospect of the American people understanding the true evil underlying transgender ideology and the danger it poses to the country and its survival,” wrote Davis wrote following his ban.

Finally, as part of their desperate ploy to shift focus off the transgender shooter, the left turned the whole incident into astroturfed gun control and civil rights debate. 

Three days after the shooting, a mob of anti-Second Amendment activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol. The activists, who illegally disrupted the state’s general assembly proceedings, were aided by three Democrat lawmakers.

Two lawmakers, who held up signs in support of the Tennessee insurrectionists and screamed into a bullhorn, were rightfully expelled from the Tennessee General Assembly by their colleagues.

The media, former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, and celebrities like Oprah rushed to the defense of the expelled assemblymen. Vice President Kamala Harris made a trip to Tennessee to visit the lawmakers. She did not, however, find time to meet with the families of the six slain Christians. Biden also invited the three lawmakers to the White House but not the families of the murdered Christians.

To this day, the corporate media has kept a tight grip on the narrative surrounding the Nashville shooting. Law enforcement still refuses to release the transgender shooter’s manifesto, and it likely isn’t a coincidence that LGBT groups continue to heavily lobby against its public release.

The left effectively transformed the targeted murder of six Christians at the hands of a transgender killer into a trans pity party, gun-grabbing opportunity, and fake civil rights moment for three Tennessee lawmakers who exploited a shooting for political fame. In the same vein, they have turned the Hispanic Texas shooter into a white supremacist and the deaths of his victims into another assault on the Second Amendment.

The left never lets a tragedy go to waste. Every news story, like the shootings in Texas and Nashville, can and will be twisted to fit within the confines of their worldview and political goals at the expense of the truth, common sense, and basic human decency.

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