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Maine Seeks To Enshrine Democrats’ Unpopular Abortion Extremism In State Law Against Citizens’ Wishes

The Democrat’s bill would allow abortions at any point in pregnancy based on ‘the professional judgment of a [licensed] physician.’


Only 10 percent of Americans support radical demands to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth, but Democrats in Maine, led by Gov. Janet Mills, are working to pass legislation enshrining their unlimited, on-demand abortion extremism in law for more than 1.3 million people.

Current Maine law states that abortions may only be performed before “viability,” a term often defined as between 23 and 24 weeks gestation. Any abortions performed beyond the designated viability period were allowed based on a necessity to “preserve the life or health of the mother.”

Exceptions for when a mother’s life is in danger are not uncommon, even in states that have effectively banned ending life in the womb. Yet, the bill from Maine’s Democrat trifecta government would replace that exception with a clause allowing abortions at any point in pregnancy based on “the professional judgment of a [licensed] physician.”

The legislation also ensures that unlicensed abortionists or anyone who ends an unborn baby’s life “when it was not necessary for the preservation of the life or health of the mother” will not face any criminal penalty or punishment from the state.

Mills concedes that Maine already has some of the laxest abortion restrictions in the world. Yet, she and her Democrat allies in the legislature said they want to further loosen the state’s abortion laws to stick it to the Supreme Court and pro-life states following the Dobbs v. Jackson decision last summer.

“The right to decide if and when to start a family is fundamental to who we are as Americans. It’s a deeply personal decision that does not belong to the government or a politically motivated Supreme Court — it belongs to Mainers,” Senate President Troy Jackson said in a January statement announcing the bill.

Mills is joined in her effort to force unlimited, on-demand abortion for all by nearly 100 Democrats in the state legislature, including both Jackson and the House Speaker. Planned Parenthood and corporate media also expressed support for the legislation.

“Proposed Maine abortion bill seeks to give physicians and patients more options,” Spectrum News declared in its coverage of the legislation.

By “options,” Democrats and outlets like Spectrum mean there will no longer be any limits restricting the killing of unborn children. That’s a vastly unpopular policy stance considering that at least 69 percent of Americans and nearly half of Democrats say they support restrictions on abortions beyond 12 weeks gestation.

Yet, when hundreds of people showed up to the State House in Maine on Wednesday to voice their opposition to the bill, their concerns were minimized.

While the 65 Mainers who showed up to testify in favor of the legislation were allowed at least two minutes to state their case, the more than 675 pro-lifers who signed up to assert their objection during the 19-hour hearing had their time cut short from a customary three minutes to one.

Rep. Laurel Libby condemned her Democrat colleagues’ decision to limit Mainers’ overwhelming dissent in a statement on Tuesday.

“This purely discriminatory move disenfranchised hundreds of Maine citizens trying to participate in the democratic process,” she wrote.

Libby also expressed her frustration with the Maine House Judiciary Committee.

“Over this last night, it has become abundantly clear…that this committee has forgotten the meaning of ‘we the people’ and has adopted a philosophy of the tyranny of the majority,” Libby said.

Despite strong pushback from their constituents, Maine Democrats are expected to pass the bill without a hitch.

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