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King Charles Can’t Refute Meghan’s ‘Racism’ Charges Because He Is A Self-Flagellating Globalist

King Charles needs to condemn the race-baiting and strip Meghan of her power by embracing the good that Western civilization has done.


Of all the claims made by estranged ex-royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their recent Netflix documentary, attributing their unpopularity to “racism” is the most insidious and damaging. The accusation is, of course, ridiculous. The couple is disliked for their incessant clout-chasing, hypocrisy, lies, and bullying, not Meghan’s skin tone.

But while their “racism” accusation may be silly, it’s also brilliant. The idea that the British people and their monarchy are inherently prejudiced is hard for self-hating Westerners, who have been groomed by critical theory to see themselves with nothing but shame, to refute.

Enter King Charles III. Charles has an important role to play in the Harry and Meghan drama but also in the West’s identity crisis. Charles is both the object of Harry and Meghan’s wrath and the new occupant of an office that has long been the symbol of British pride and nationhood. Charles has the power and responsibility to defend the moral integrity of his family, his people, and his country against the Sussexes’ calculated attack, but unfortunately, he is utterly unwilling to do so. 

Kissing the Feet of the Global Elite

Britain’s new king is the poster boy for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Great Reset,” a thinly-veiled effort to replace the autonomy and quality of life that Western industrial advances have helped produce with self-destructive globalism. During a WEF-backed event in 2020, Charles declared that the Covid-19 pandemic “offers an unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset the ways in which we live and do business.” At the WEF’s annual summit in Davos that same year, the royal, who ironically flew to Switzerland on a private jet, stated, “We need nothing short of a paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace.”

Charles turned his remarks at the conference into a video titled “#TheGreatReset,” which was posted on the royal family’s official YouTube channel. This “revolutionary reset” beckons world leaders to once and for all implement the forum’s socialist master plan for transitioning economies from relying on coal, oil, and natural gas to insufficient supplies of wind and solar power.

In practice, these anti-energy policies have been disastrous and the victims are Charles’ own people. The WEF’s push to highly regulate agriculture and livestock farming is also making food more expensive and scarce. These policies are annihilating the middle class and spiraling the world into a form of neo-feudalism, and Chares is helping it happen.

Bowing to the Woke Mob

How can one expect Charles to defend the British people against Harry and Meghan’s insidious “racism” allegations when he won’t even defend the godmother of his son? At a Buckingham Palace event last week, 83-year-old Susan Hussey, a former lady-in-waiting to Charles’s mother and a godmother to his son William, asked Ngozi Fulani, a black activist at the event, “Where are you really from?” 

Fulani was reportedly scandalized by her exchange with Hussey and took to Twitter after the event to accuse her of racism. Fulani’s Twitter thread quickly went viral and within hours the British media was breathing down the palace’s neck with angry soundbites about royal racism. The palace acted fast and within a day Hussey announced her resignation from her position after 60 years of service. 

In her tweet about Lady Hussey, Fulani included a photo of herself, presumably at the event, wearing an animal-print dress and a necklace of cowrie shells with hair fixed in dreadlocks. Was it genuinely racist for 83-year-old Hussey to ask Fulani what her heritage was, given Fulani’s traditional African name and attire?

It doesn’t matter to Charles and his team. Instead of standing by his own — a loyal member of the royal household, godmother to the future king, and longtime friend of his mother Queen Elizabeth — Charles tossed Hussey out.

Rejecting his People

Racism is a poor excuse for the personal failings of a woman born to a white father and black mother — and those of her ginger husband — but it’s also a smart one. The idea that the monarchy, the British empire, and Western civilization at large are institutionally racist is dogma to many Westerners on the political left. This makes refuting Harry and Meghan’s smear campaign very difficult for leftists like King Charles — a man who has already proven himself a spineless coward.

It’s doubly hard for Charles to defend the good name of his nation when he prefers pleasing the global elite over protecting the well-being of his people, who are suffering greatly under a cost-of-living crisis exacerbated by the green agenda. What the British people need from their king is a full-throated defense of the royal family, the British people, and the country at large.

For reasons this American does understand, the majority of British people still support Charles. They want to love him and rally around him. But if Charles wants to stay in their good graces, he needs to prove he is loyal to them, as well. 

Charles needs to reject the WEF, whose policies are impoverishing his people. He also needs to show pride in the country he rules. He needs to condemn the race-baiting and strip Meghan of her power by embracing the good that Western civilization has done. He needs to brag about it, in fact. He needs to make the British people proud to be British. 

The people want to defend their heritage and monarchy. They can’t do that, though, if the monarch is unwilling to defend them and himself.

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