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Anne Hathaway Promotes ‘Mercy’ Killing Unborn Babies

Anne Hathaway on The View
Image CreditThe View / YouTube

There is no ‘humanity’ or ‘mercy’ in modern-day eugenics.


In Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” celebrity guest Anne Hathaway declared it can be merciful to kill one’s child.

“My own personal experience with abortion, and I don’t think we talk about this enough, abortion can be another word for mercy,” said Hathaway, adding that “no two pregnancies are alike, and it follows that no two lives are alike, it follows that no two conceptions are alike. So how can we have a law, how can we have a point of view on this that says we must treat everything the same?”

Indeed, Hathaway is correct that no two pregnancies are alike. Everyone is different and will face unique challenges upon entering the world. Thanks to modern technology, some mothers can detect what these challenges might be before their babies are born. Through prenatal testing, women can have a better idea of whether their preborn child is at a higher risk for a genetic anomaly, such as Down Syndrome (DS).

This advance notice, however, has led to genocidal abortion rates of children with Down Syndrome, with studies finding that babies prenatally diagnosed with DS are aborted at somewhere between 67 percent to 85 percent, and possibly as high as 90 percent, in the U.S. In Denmark, about 98 percent of parents whose unborn children receive a DS diagnosis choose to abort their babies. In Iceland, it’s nearly 100 percent.

Hathaway’s promotion of “mercy” killings is not new. “Mercy death” is the term Adolf Hitler used to describe “Aktion T4,” a mass-scale extermination operation of disabled people via poison gas. It is estimated that the murderous program killed about 250,000 people in Nazi Germany. Terms such as “mercy” killing and the high rates of discriminatory abortions should ring alarm bells for today’s leftists who purport to be extremely concerned about modern “Nazis” and claim to value “diversity,” “inclusivity,” and “disability rights.”

Instead, Hathaway is one of many pro-abortion activists who applaud selective breeding. For example, “The View” co-host Ana Navarro recently suggested that if a child is found to have a disability in the womb, it is preferable to kill the child than to give him or her a chance at life. 

Just this week, “Love is Blind” reality show contestant Nancy Rodriguez said she would abort her own child if he or she had a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. “I see the amount of trauma that it does to, like, the family,” said Rodriguez, presumably suggesting that raising a special needs child would “traumatize” her and the rest of her family. “For me, if I knew that I could try again and hope that the second time it’s better, then I would go that route.” 

The reality is that pro-abortion supporters do not believe all life is equally valuable. They demand “flexibility” in deciding which groups of people are worthy of life. “How can we have a point of view on this that says we must treat everything the same?” asked Hathaway. “And where I come at it from is when you allow the choice, you allow for flexibility, which is what we need in order to be human.” 

The left’s demand for “flexibility” in deciding what lives are worth living has sanctioned appalling human rights abuses. Discriminatory abortions include the targeting of the disabled, such as those with Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis, and baby girls in places like India and China. It includes the targeted killing of poor children, and it takes a disproportionate toll on black lives. In New York City, for example, thousands more black babies are killed than born alive every year. And 75 percent of women who get an abortion are considered poor or low-income.

Instead of defending “underprivileged” children, abortion activists promote killing them. Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore suggested in 2011 that it would be better for unborn children to die in abortions than grow up having to live poor and eat “Ramen noodles” and “mayonnaise sandwiches.” More recently, Democrat Rep. Katie Porter said on MSNBC that aborting their children can help families stay financially afloat in Biden’s inflationary economy. Georgia’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said something similar last month.

Hathaway claimed at one point in the interview that this is “not a moral conversation about abortion,” but “a practical conversation about women’s rights, and by the way human rights, because women’s rights are human rights.”

I’m sorry, Anne Hathway, but the mass killing of certain sects of human beings that others deem “undesirable” is absolutely a moral issue. There is no “humanity” or “mercy” in modern-day eugenics.

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