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Democrat Lawyer: ACLU ‘Defended Terrorists, Nazis, And They Would Not Touch Covid Issues’


Democrat lawyer Scott Street quit his law firm to legally defend from Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate Americans’ right to make their own medical decisions, he told Tucker Carlson in a recent interview for Fox Nation. Medical freedom cases “probably made up two-thirds of my practice last year,” The Federalist contributor and California resident explained.

“I couldn’t sit by and see people get away with this,” he said, “but it was tough, no question.”

Street “couldn’t believe anyone was going along with” lockdown mandates, “because I thought it was blatantly illegal,” the civil rights lawyer told Carlson.

The longtime Democrat strategist and campaign staffer told Carlson he’d worked with liberal legal groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Public Counsel for years and couldn’t believe they refrained from contesting what he saw as obvious mass infringements of Americans’ civil liberties after Covid-19 reached the United States.

“These are groups that defended terrorists after 9/11, Nazis, they’ve defended everything, and they would not touch any of these Covid issues,” Street said.

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