Scott J. Street
Scott J. Street
Scott J. Street

Scott Street is a Democratic lawyer and consultant in Los Angeles. He regularly writes about legal and political issues.

Today’s Social Justice Seekers Should Carry On Vernon Jordan’s Legacy

We should all be thankful for the life Vernon Jordan lived and start following the examples he set instead of seeking the destruction of others.

Newsom’s Recall Proves Lockdown Rage Is A Growing Bipartisan Force

While the California recall may have been started by Trump supporters, it isn’t about Donald Trump or partisan politics. It’s about holding Gavin Newsom accountable.

How Listening To Rush Limbaugh As A Democrat Taught Me To Be A Better Person

Rush Limbaugh was part of that messy American world I grew up in. Ignoring him would have been easy. Dealing with him made me a better person.

Why Stripping Dianne Feinstein’s Name From A San Francisco School Is An Ominous Sign For Democrats

It came as a surprise to some when the San Francisco School Board recently voted to remove her name from Dianne Feinstein Elementary School. It’s not surprising, but it is dangerous.

Supreme Court Pushback On California Should Be Just The Start Of Courts Standing Up Against Endless Lockdown

It’s reasonable to defer to executive branch officials during an emergency. But that deference cannot last forever, and it should depend on the nature of the government’s actions.

If Democrats Keep Playing Games With School Closures, Voters Will Blame Them Instead Of Trump

Joe Biden is falling back into nakedly partisan politics in which teachers’ unions get what they want no matter what the evidence shows or common sense dictates.

If Joe Biden Really Wants Unity, He’d Call For Lockdowns To End Forever

Ending the lockdowns immediately would be a smart public health decision. It would also help fulfill Joe Biden’s unity pledge.

Joe Biden’s Capitulation To The Crazy Left Is Alienating Democrats Like Me

Unlike Biden, Trump is delivering a clear and appealing message: Send kids back to school, support police officers, and get people back to work now.

While Schools Open From Wuhan To Stockholm, California Shuts Theirs Down

Democrats must understand that mortgaging our children’s future is not a good way to start a national campaign, not when the rest of the world has safely gotten its kids back into classrooms.

The ACLU’s New Curfew Position Unmasks Their Hypocrisy

After accepting the indefinite lockdowns, the ACLU wants to challenge the constitutionality of curfews put in place to guard against violent rioting.

ACLU Goes Missing In Civil Liberties’ Hour Of Need

The coronavirus response has exposed the watchdog’s transformation from a protector of liberal values to a political hit machine.