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YIKES: Democrat Candidate Endorses Abortion Up Until Birth While Airing Footage Of Her Son Being Born

For Democrat candidate Katie Darling, giving birth was a great opportunity to peddle the demise of unborn babies in a campaign advertisement.


Childbirth is no short of a miracle that demands celebration and awe. But for Democrat candidate Katie Darling, who is challenging Minority Whip Steve Scalise for Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District, giving birth was a great opportunity to peddle the demise of unborn babies in a campaign advertisement.

The ad starts with footage of the pregnant Darling navigating chores as she longingly awaits the arrival of her newest child. The baby is a boy who Darling says will join his older sister as a helper around the family’s farm.

Mere seconds into the ad, Darling’s seemingly perfect world is suddenly clouded when she remembers that babies in Louisiana have a strong chance at life outside of the womb thanks to the state’s near-total abortion ban.

“These days I worry about storms that are stronger and more frequent because of climate change, about our kids’ underperforming public schools, and about Louisiana’s new abortion ban, one of the strictest and most severe in the country,” Darling says in a voiceover.

Directly after lamenting that babies in her state are no longer vulnerable to murder in the womb, Darling claims “we should be putting pregnant women at ease, not putting their lives at risk.”

Louisiana’s abortion ban doesn’t stop pregnant women from getting the care they need, but that doesn’t matter to the pro-abortion Darling, who seems willing to air anything to amplify her extreme views.

A majority of U.S. voters don’t agree with legalizing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, yet the top issue on Darling’s campaign website is codifying Roe v. Wade (and indeed, going further than that). That includes urging the Senate to pass the misnomered Women’s Health Protection Act, which would have guaranteed unlimited, on-demand abortion in every state.

Legalizing unlimited, on-demand abortions isn’t just quite literally Darling’s platform, it’s the reason she chose to challenge Scalise in the first place.

In a recent interview with Jezebel, Darling admitted the reason she entered the congressional race was that she wanted to preserve her options, which presumably included ending her baby’s life, if pregnancy complications arose.

“It was Darling’s second pregnancy, and she was high risk after complications she had in her first birth. Darling was worried about Louisiana doctors not being able to provide proper care, should a complication arise in this pregnancy. While her first instinct was to flee, she decided instead to fight,” Jezebel reported.

Despite the incredibly offputting nature of filming childbirth for a campaign ad, media like Jezebel celebrated the “historic,” “extraordinarily intimate, vulnerable family scene” and the pro-abortion message that came with it.

When the Jezebel interviewer questioned why Darling would broadcast her birth to the world for political points, Darling defended her actions by claiming that sacrificing her privacy to promote abortion was worth it.

“What’s at stake right now is just so much bigger than that,” Darling said. “I’m not worried about what people think of me. I’m more committed to making sure people are aware of what we need and standing up for our rights. I want to see us codify Roe v. Wade and regain our reproductive rights, and most importantly for folks who are involved in these abortions bans to reconsider how dangerous this legislation is. Reproductive rights are human rights.”

Darling did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s questions about whether she supports abortion up until birth. Nor did Darling answer whether she agrees with Stacey Abrams’s claim that unborn babies at six weeks of gestation don’t have heartbeats.

Despite her nonresponse, it’s no secret where Darling stands when it comes to abortion. Much like her Democrat allies, Darling brags about protecting women’s “right to choose,” even if that means ending the lives of unborn babies like her son in the womb.

Thanks to Louisiana’s current laws, so many babies like Darling’s little boy have a chance at life outside of the womb. The same simply couldn’t be said if Darling got her way.

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