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Biden’s Approval Rating Even Worse Than Trump’s Despite Constant Media Fawning


Despite the corporate media’s relentless fawning over President Joe Biden, voters are highly dissatisfied with how the Democrat is running the country.

This is reflected in polls such as the Morning Consult’s which measured Biden’s approval at the beginning of June at 39 percent. His disapproval reached a whopping 58 percent, a record high for a president who has been in office for less than two years.

That’s also a record high for a president who is propped up by the propaganda press daily as a “healing” leader who deserves no blame for the nation’s border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, nearly $5 per gallon gas price average, baby formula shortage, supply-chain crisis, fatal Afghanistan withdrawal, and more.

What’s more, Biden’s new numbers are even worse than former President Donald Trump’s approval rating at the same time during his presidency. Just one and a half years into Trump’s administration, amid the media’s Russia collusion hoax circus, pollsters measured the Republican’s approval at 45 percent and his disapproval at 52 percent.

At the time Trump’s numbers were recorded, the former president was plagued with fake scandals dredged up by Hillary Clinton and Democrats and then blasted out by the corporate media. For four-plus years, the propaganda press gave Trump hell. When they weren’t accusing him of stealing the 2016 election, they used every opportunity they could to call Trump a fascist and a white supremacist. Over and over, the press lied about Trump’s Covid-19 response, his response to riots near the White House, his speeches, his attempts to hold Communist China accountable, his call with the president of Ukraine, and so much more.

On the contrary, ever since Biden set foot in the White House, the corporate media welcomed him with open arms. They rushed to amplify his fake calls for unity while simultaneously and deliberately ignoring his family’s history of corruption and sketchy business dealings with foreign oligarchs. Even before Biden assumed office, they refused to ask him or now-Vice President Kamala Harris questions on the campaign trail or debate stage. Instead, the media wrote warm features about the Democrat duo’s choice of shoes, their inauguration playlist, White House pets, and Biden’s love for ice cream, all while refusing to care about the president’s long list of gaffes.

Even though the corporate media is dead set on showering Biden with favor, softball interviews, and fluffy articles denying the problems plaguing Americans, voters are clearly unhappy with his track record, which shows no signs of fixing itself before the midterms in November.