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Washington Post Demands The Video Game Industry Speak About Abortion — Unless They’re Pro-Life

‘Conspicuously quiet’ on abortion is an interesting way for media to characterize video game companies, which have nothing to do with in utero homicide.


The Washington Post was pretty proud of itself on Thursday after two of its writers kicked their abortion activism into gear and reached out to 20 major video game companies, trying to get them on the record in support of Roe v. Wade and the taking of innocent human life in the womb — including whether they would help employees pay for it.

“NEW: [Shannon Liao] and I reached out to over 20 major video game companies about whether they intend to speak up in favor of reproductive rights or provide monetary aid to employees. just a few said yes. most said nothing at all,” Liao’s co-writer Nathan Grayson wrote on Twitter.

The duo seemed disturbed that game companies weren’t more outraged and outspoken at the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicating the landmark abortion case will likely soon be struck down, writing, “most of the video game industry’s biggest companies have remained conspicuously quiet.”

“Conspicuously quiet” on abortion is an interesting way for journalists to characterize video game companies, which have absolutely nothing to do with sex, pregnancy, or in utero homicide. But it’s an especially interesting characterization coming from Liao at The Washington Post.

That’s because just a little more than seven months ago, Liao wrote about the CEO of Tripwire, a video game company, who stepped down after he “came under fire” for his support of an “antiabortion” law in Texas, as Liao characterized it. Cutting through the WaPo propaganda, the real story is that the former CEO got squeezed out for daring to defend life in the womb and the laws that attempt to protect it.

Here’s a quote Liao included in that story, from one of Tripwire’s partner studios:

“While your politics are your own, the moment you make them a matter of public discourse you entangle all of those working for you and with you.”

In other words, when companies devote their attention to their own affairs rather than murderous left-wing causes disguised as “reproductive health care,” they’re “conspicuously quiet.” But when those same companies or their leaders break from the corporate hive mind to instead pump the brakes on abortion radicalism, they’re “entangling” their workers in their own personal politics.

So says the left and their media footsoldiers at The Washington Post, who serve absolutely no journalistic function. As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote on Twitter, “Corporate media are the enemies of the people, born and unborn.”

“Double standard” doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the depths of the unethical behavior these so-called reporters in legacy media employ. They have fully embraced their roles as abortion activists and propagandists, and they spend their days bullying companies into helping them achieve said activism and propaganda.

“Right now, game workers just want some semblance of stability with Roe v. Wade’s potential repeal threatening to rock their foundation,” Liao and Grayson wrote. “A commitment to reproductive health care from their employers, in their eyes, would at least be something.”

You know what else would really be something? A commitment to real journalism from our corrupt corporate media.