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Everybody Knows Rachel Levine Is Truly A Man, Including Rachel Levine

Corrupt media think that if they keep telling us men are women eventually we will capitulate. But we cannot.


Dr. Rachel Levine, a male who identifies as a woman, serves as Biden’s assistant health secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine was named by USA Today as a “woman of the year.” USA Today says its “Women of the Year” series is “a recognition of women across the country who have made a significant impact.”

Levine, who began identifying as transgender well into adulthood, was touted by the Biden administration as the first openly transgender Senate-confirmed appointee of any White House administration after being tapped to work under U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. Biden was vocal about his plan to pack the federal government with hires and nominations based primarily on concerns about “equity,” which to the left means hiring people according to their skin color and sexual preferences.

Levine’s Only Qualification Is Make-Believe

There is no reason to believe that Levine would have gotten the job of assistant health secretary without wearing women’s clothes. In that, this post, and the public health admiralty that followed, is an achievement built on lies and obfuscations.

Levine was previously the top health official in the state of Pennsylvania. During Covid, the official took Levine’s own mother out of a nursing home while loading up those facilities with Covid-positive patients, culminating in the deaths of more than 10,000 elderly in the state’s nursing homes.

The health official was criticized locally for this obvious hypocrisy and callousness. But for the Biden administration, the fact that Levine is in a dress, wears a gray perm in a long ponytail, and has the nerve to walk around as though Levine has lived in female form all along, means that all is forgiven.

Levine’s “transness” means the Biden appointee publicly levels up and is given opportunities based on concepts of equity that result merely in yet another white male running things. Only now, it’s a white male with obvious delusions as opposed to one whose head is screwed on straight. Levine, who blathers on about being a woman, clearly doesn’t.

USA Today noted that Levine is “concerned about the challenges women and girls face related to body image,” and “ran an eating disorder program at Penn State University and was struck by the pressures of social media related to appearance.” Levine apparently thinks caring about women confers the status of womanhood.

Wearing Dresses Does Not a Woman Make

Levine, a doctor, must know that the penis, testicles, muscle mass, bone density, testosterone levels, and other male characteristics are obviously male. Levine apparently believes women are reducible to their accouterments — that women smile and demure, wear dresses and skirts, sit politely with hands folded, and that doing this makes Levine a woman. But Levine is not.

Countless articles across the American media landscape have said outright that Levine is a woman. These outlets, who undoubtedly would claim they believe in journalistic integrity and truth-telling, are outright liars and manipulators when they tell us that Rachel Levine, a fully formed man, is a woman.

Levine could cut Levine’s penis off, implant plastic or silicone to mimic the mammaries of menstruators, or sashay around in Louboutins, but none of this makes Levine a woman.

A woman is not defined by clothes, makeup, hair, nails, shoes, or demeanor. A woman is her body, and everyone knows it. Women are not a social construct, they are the half of the human mammalian species that are made by God to carry our young. Their bodies reveal that this is so.

Women are biologically different from males. Women have breasts that, like all mammals, will produce milk for their young. Women have organs specifically designed for gestating those young. Women have hips that accommodate babies and birth. Women are designed for this purpose.

As a doctor, Levine fully knows this. Levine knows Levine’s body was not made to carry young, but that it was made to impregnate, in a reproductive sense — that this is its reproductive function.

Anyone Parroting Levine’s Lie Is a Liar Too

That Levine was approved by the U.S. Senate for Levine’s current post in a position to direct public health is absurd. Every single senator who voted for Levine to take this post knew fully that the Biden nominee was a liar. Levine is lying to Congress, to the American people, to the Biden administration, and yes, Levine is lying to Levine.

Now, USA Today is lying on Levine’s behalf. Corrupt media think that if they keep telling us men are women eventually we will capitulate — eventually we will say, “Why, yes, you are right, the word ‘women’ is merely representative of tingly feelings that someone knows he really is that thing.” But we cannot.

We cannot submit to these lies. We cannot give over reality simply for the sake of appeasing a man who wishes to wear ladies’ clothes. Levine is an exhibitionist transsexual. And everyone, even pandering USA Today, knows it fully. Stop the lies. Say the truth.