Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a writer and theatre maker in Brooklyn, New York. She is co-founder of the Sticky short play series, and blogs the story of her life at
Why Indulging Your Darkest Desires With A Sex Doll Will Not Protect Anyone, Including Yourself

Although its owner claims rape is not the sort of behavior his doll brothel encourages, once the boudoir doors are closed the customer can do as he pleases.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Death, Shootings, Natural Disasters, And Other Scary Things

While many articles stress that children need to be reassured against the potential for impending doom, I am also loathe to lie to my child.

‘Ozark’ Depicts What The Left Thinks About White America

For fancy whites secure in their retirement assets and NPR tote bags, watching this family sink to new lows brings out their worst fears of losing the stability of wealth.

Transhumanism Is Just Fancy Sex-Shaming And Self-Loathing

Transhumanism proposes that the future of humankind is to not be human at all. The brain is not just a meat computer, it is a physical entity.

The Real Goal Of Sexbots And Artificial Reproduction Is Making Women Obsolete

All of these marvelous advancements in femme-engineering can only mean one thing: it’s time to admit that the planned obsolescence of the female on Earth is nearly complete.

‘Stranger Things’ Deftly Revives The Big Questions And Feel Of The ‘80s

The kids in ‘Stranger Things’ must rely on each other and the legends of which they are a part for answers about how to grow up and navigate the supernatural dysfunctions of their exurban Indiana town.

Preschool Prom Initiates Children Into Adult Sex Rites

It’s cute because we imagine this kiddie cos play is merely a surface representation of adult sexual attraction, and that the kids are innocent to what lies beneath painted nails and peep-toe shoes.

How To Reject The Temptation To Despair

Sadness as a temptation is not the one we usually hear about. But it’s real.

Ashraf Fayadh Shouldn’t Die For Making Beautiful Art

Saudi Arabia has sentenced Ashraf Fayadh to death for love poetry.