Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a writer and theatre maker in Brooklyn, New York. She is co-founder of the Sticky short play series, and blogs the story of her life at
Only Hacks Would Call Reason Writer Robby Soave A White Supremacist

For providing the benefit of his extensive research into white supremacy, and the alt-right, Robby Soave was called a ‘hate crime denier’ by Andy Campbell in Huffington Post.

Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Reinforces Conservatives’ View Of The Sex Market

By advocating for women to withhold sex from men in order to attain bodily autonomy, Milano has stumbled backwards into the realm of Christianity.

Here’s Why I Heart Social Media, And Y’all Should Too

We can be reminded of people we would have otherwise forgotten, we can savagely dismantle bad arguments, and we can find kindred spirits across the world. Social media isn’t so bad after all.

What Happens When Two Feminists Face Off In Front Of A Me Too Crowd In Australia

This week Christina Hoff Sommers and Roxane Gay took the stage for two much-anticipated debates in Australia about free speech, feminism, and due process.

We Learned To Love The Magicians’ Quentin Coldwater Right Before Losing Him

With a cast of talented, gorgeous actors, the plotlines keep veering entirely off course only to land in new, unexpected realms of fantasy and storytelling.

Stop Assuming The Intellectual Dark Web Is A Political Movement

What should intellectuals do when everything they believe in regarding individual liberty is recast as cultural imperialism?

No, Men Don’t Need Cuddle Parties To ‘Fix’ Their Masculinity

The problem isn’t that culture tells men vulnerability isn’t masculine enough, or that standards of affection need be at arm’s length.

If You Really Care About The Earth, Don’t Buy Earth Day Gear From Everlane

It would be substantially more sustainable to provide New York Times subscriptions without unleashing a whole batch of new, wastable clothing upon the world.

Wokesters Go After Democrat Cartoonist For Objecting To Abortion

He was making cartoons, believing in Jesus, voting Democratic, and holding quietly pro-life views. Why drag him into the Twittersphere? Can’t a guy just live his life?

‘Hadestown’ On Broadway Re-Envisions An Ancient Story Of Love, Loss, And Distrust

Written by Anaïs Mitchell, directed by Rachel Chavkin, the story follows the twisted love stories of both Orpheus and Eurydice and Hades and Persephone.

How Identity Politics Plays Right Into The Hands Of Big Business

Advertisers are specifically targeting individuals based on their group identity, and algorithms are driving our choices as much as we’re driving them.

Feminists Couldn’t Get Trans Ideology Out Of UK Public Schools, But Muslims Did

The parents’ protests included pulling more than 600 Muslim children from school, and were incredibly effective. The LGBT lessons have stopped.

In Reaction To Feminism’s Evils, We Shouldn’t Undo Feminism’s Benefits

In discussing ‘how to contribute to the advancement of women around the world in ways that honor their integral human development,’ a recent United Nations panel focused on women’s traditional roles.

Hulu’s ‘Shrill’ Is Unfunny Woke Comedy That Celebrates Female Entitlement

If ’empowerment’ means ‘entitlement’ and feeling justified when you make consistently irresponsible decisions, Hulu’s new show ‘Shrill’ is very empowering.

Spoiled Students Insist Uber-Left Sarah Lawrence Is Racist Because Tuition Is Expensive

No repercussions for missing class for engaging in political protests! No Koch brothers money! Firing professors who write op-eds that make them sad!

Why Eliminating The Word ‘Mother’ Eliminates Motherhood Itself

If the word for ‘mother’ falls out of fashion or is pushed out of language entirely, will our thoughts still be able to form the idea of mother without the word?

No, Global Warming Isn’t A Good Reason To Have No Children

The nature of the world is to be messed up. The question of whether to bring children into this messed up world is as old as the messed up world itself.

Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Under Fire For Saying Only Women Should Compete In Women’s Sports

‘You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards,’ wrote tennis star Martina Navratilova.

Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll’ Mirrors The Mid-Life Crises Of Gen X Women

‘Russian Doll’ is a great watch for those long nights where you want to indulge the fantasy of getting a whole-life do-over.

No, Kamala Harris, Telling Women To Be Careful Isn’t Excusing Rape

In opposing judicial nominee Neomi Rao, Sen. Kamala Harris perpetrates the idea that women are helpless victims who need to be protected for their own good.