Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a Senior Contributor to The Federalist. She is a writer and mother living in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on Twitter @li88ynyc.
U.K. Lesbian Threatened Over Her Campaign To Remove The ‘T’ From LGBT

There’s a distinct schism in feminism and gay rights between those who acknowledge that trans ideology reinforces sex-based stereotypes, and those so blinded by ‘compassion,’ they believe sex is a mutable condition.

What Netflix’s ‘Raising Dion’ Can Teach Us About Fear, Superheroes, And Parenting

‘Raising Dion’ thrives on character development, not cliffhangers — and its heartwarming mom-kid team will give you something to root for the whole show.

If Meghan Markle Doesn’t Want Attacks From Tabloids, She Shouldn’t Have Married A Prince

Everyone knows that when you give up your fins for legs, you lose your voice. The same goes for giving up your basic American rights to live in a palace.

Why Threatening The Gig Economy Means Threatening Working Mothers

Somehow the California State Assembly managed to threaten free press, freelance writers, and working mothers — all with a single piece of legislation.

The New Maleficent Movie Is Grotesquely Distorted By Identity Politics

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ is a boring fairy tale that forgets what fairy tales are all about. Instead of trying to show us the dark side of fairy stories, Disney should remember that it’s the light that keeps us coming back to theaters.

Kanye West’s Concern About Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look Was Perfectly Fair

Despite Kim Kardashian’s right to do as she pleases, Kanye West has the right to share his perspective on modesty with his wife.

NYC Pop-Up Exhibit Most Conveyed The Emptiness Of Today’s Art Scene

Art today seems to be more of an advertisement for the artists than a medium that conveys any real meaning or matter of its own.

Forever 21’s Failure Is A Good Time To Prioritize Fashion Quality Over Quantity

If Forever 21’s bankruptcy signals an end to fast fashion styles and shoddily manufactured trend pieces, then the closing of 350 stores worldwide will be worth it.

U.K. High Court Calls Trans Woman ‘He’ But Won’t Allow ‘Father’

If this all seems totally bats, it’s because it is. If someone is woman enough to conceive, gestate, and birth live young, she, he, or they should have no issue using the word mother as an identifier.

Why LGBTQ Kids Shouldn’t Be Exceptions To Parental Limits On Screen Time

Social media is not a safe space for kids to go in search of friends or an image, and it’s certainly not more viable for LGBTQ kids, who in their isolation are more vulnerable to predation and influence, not less.

Why Cities Are Becoming ‘Theme Parks Of Childless Affluence’

With many of America’s densest urban areas losing families with kids, we must ask how we got here and why, even in booming economic times, people are simply finding it too difficult to raise families in cities.

When Men Kill Themselves Over Unproven Allegations, Me Too Has Gone Too Far

Me Too started with a hashtag, then morphed into a trend of public humiliation, trial by media, and personal boycotts that altered the standards by which a person is judged.

‘Downton Abbey’ Delivers A Tidy End, But That’s About It

Although the plot is just about pointless, it does well as a means to tie up the stories of these beloved characters in a tidy ending to a complicated tale.

College Admissions Scandal Reveals Parents Grossly Misunderstand College And Their Children

Children rarely become what their parents imagine for them, and it’s pointless to think they will. The problem isn’t the kids; it’s the parents’ expectations.

The More Leftists Protest Things Like The Minds IRL Conference, The More They Grow

A conference was held to discuss and advocate for free speech and the takeaway by a left-leaning reporter was that free speech advocacy is equal to racism.

Why The United States Should Give The G7 ‘Women’s Equality’ Proposals The Finger

So often forgotten in the push for equality between the sexes is that it’s not this goal that generates opposition, but how we get there.

Why Kids Should Be Invited To Weddings

Weddings are celebrations of the uniting of two families, not just the romantic ‘I do’s’ of bride and groom. But the best part of families is the kids, and we shouldn’t leave them out.

What I Learned From Rewatching ‘Magnum, P.I.’ On Amazon

While some of the charm has worn off ‘Magnum, P.I.’s’ eight seasons, we can still learn from that dashing P.I. driving a borrowed Ferrari through paradise.

How Not To Blaspheme Against Garlic Cloves

Those of us who use masses of garlic in pretty much everything wield our methods with pride, because garlic is an essential part of food that has actual flavor.

Hiding George Washington Won’t Fix History, But This California School Is Trying Anyway

This debacle over historical artwork is a classic left versus left scenario: those valuing freedom of expression over everything else, against those valuing the rights of the offended over all.