Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a writer and theatre maker in Brooklyn, New York. She is co-founder of the Sticky short play series, and blogs the story of her life at
Public Library Deletes Pictures Of Drag Queens Fondling Children At Story Hour

Parents complained about the event, showing the photos of children lounging atop of the costumed queens on the floor, grabbing at false breasts, and burying their faces in their bodies.

Study Finds Most Couples Now Meet Online Instead Of At Work, School, Or Church

People used to meet through family, friends, neighbors, church, or school. Each of these has been in stark decline from the 1940s to present.

OTC Birth Control Won’t Help Women If They Don’t Get Better Information

Much of the medical establishment treats women’s bodies like inconvenient problems in need of quick, cheap fixes, not information and careful guidance.

Twitter Scolds Get Kim Kardashian West To Drop Her Brand Name ‘Kimono’

The fashion mogul’s decision to name her line of shapewear ‘Kimono’ prompted vast cultural appropriation-related outrage on Twitter. Then she backed down.

Comfort Levels With LGBT People Are Going Down Ever Since Gender Identities Went Mainstream

New survey results show that 18- to 34-year-olds are less accepting of LGBT issues than they were in previous years. Why might this be the case?

California Legislature Passes Bill To Put Trans Men In Women’s Prisons, Even Rapists

There are no exceptions in the bill to make sure that men who have committed violent or sexual crimes against women are not placed in prison with women.

‘Trinkets’ Is A TV Show For Girls Who Feel Invisible

Based on the novel by Kirsten Smith, ‘Trinkets’ does not skimp on the crazy, spiraling plot, or on the strength of teen girl friendship.

How ‘Skin Packs’ And Avatars Went From Video Games To Real Life

Getting gender-change surgery, or other forms of plastic surgery, is not a sign of health or acceptance; it’s proof that we’re deeply lost.

Maternal Instincts Shine In The Cold, Robot World Of ‘I Am Mother’

It’s sort of terrifying to see a robot nurse cradle a baby. The child grows, with no human contact. Daughter smiles at Robot Mother, although she’s never seen a human smile.

What Happened When A Novice Tried Out The Belmont Stakes Horse Race

Gambling is one of the only vices I’ve had no trouble rejecting, but horse racing culture calls for at least a little of it.

The Netherlands Shouldn’t Have Allowed Noa Pothoven To Kill Herself

Because doctors and governments should preserve lives, The Netherlands should have saved Noa Pothoven instead of standing by and watching her die.

Just Like Female Genital Mutilation, Transgender Chest-Binding Is Barbaric

Why are trans activists attempting to bully The New York Times into submission for publishing an article that mentioned the drawbacks of chest binding?

Why ‘Rocketman’ Is An Irresistible Look Inside Elton John’s Soul

While not a direct biopic, ‘Rocketman’ is about the soul transformation and exploration of one of the greatest pop rock stars of all time.

‘Booksmart’ Finally Provides The World A Empowered-Girl Teen Buddy Movie

With one last night of high school ahead of them before graduation, these ‘Booksmart’ girls decide to get crazy, with big goals.

No, People Shouldn’t Commission A Grandchild Using Their Dead Son’s Sperm

Posthumous sperm collection has been going on in the United States since the 1970s. Its authorized procurement and use has been determined on a case-by-case basis.

How Western Career Women Create Motherless Villages At Home And Abroad

While leftist women in the West push for less family structure and more centralized child support, they disrupt not only their own families but also families around the world.

Only Hacks Would Call Reason Writer Robby Soave A White Supremacist

For providing the benefit of his extensive research into white supremacy, and the alt-right, Robby Soave was called a ‘hate crime denier’ by Andy Campbell in Huffington Post.

Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Reinforces Conservatives’ View Of The Sex Market

By advocating for women to withhold sex from men in order to attain bodily autonomy, Milano has stumbled backwards into the realm of Christianity.

Here’s Why I Heart Social Media, And Y’all Should Too

We can be reminded of people we would have otherwise forgotten, we can savagely dismantle bad arguments, and we can find kindred spirits across the world. Social media isn’t so bad after all.

What Happens When Two Feminists Face Off In Front Of A Me Too Crowd In Australia

This week Christina Hoff Sommers and Roxane Gay took the stage for two much-anticipated debates in Australia about free speech, feminism, and due process.