Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a Senior Contributor to The Federalist. She is a writer and mother living in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on Twitter @li88yinc.
2020 Democrats Tell Moms They Need To Sideline Their Kids To Be Successful

There are more ways to find fulfillment and meaning in life than through pursuit of career or income, but you wouldn’t know that from any of the answers that came from the debate stage.

Gig Workers Fight The Unions Trying To Take Away Their Self-Designed Jobs

No longer able to force employees to unionize, the AFL-CIO is trying to force contract workers into employment. But freelancers are fighting back.

Here’s Why I’m Not Going Back To The Women’s March

It felt weird to sense that claiming my actual female body as female was offensive to people. It was like I was an undercover female at the Women’s March.

Doctors And Judges Shouldn’t Have More Authority Over Tinslee Lewis’ Life Than Her Mother Does

Why, now that doctors can do so much with advancements in modern medicine, are they turning their backs on the patients who need them most, and saying it’s for their own good?

Why Greta Thunberg Should Be The Next Disney Princess

Disney and Hulu should go beyond a mere documentary, and launch Greta as a full-blown princess, in keeping with the 21st-century princess story revamp.

The Worst Looks Of The 2020 Golden Globes

On Sunday, for the first time ever, I watched the Golden Globes. I learned that it’s all about the outfits. Especially the really bad ones. 

Don’t Buy Ring Or Other Home Surveillance Devices For Anyone, Ever

Easily hackable, super creepy, and massively Orwellian, Ring and other home surveillance tech give you the illusion of protection while stealing your privacy and autonomy.

Freelancers And Gig Workers Don’t Need Lawmakers To Help Them Out Of A Job

Unable to think of a new way forward, state lawmakers are relying on past solutions to improve the gig economy — and this will only hurt freelance and gig workers.

Why The ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Musical Doesn’t Live Up To Its Namesake

What I really wanted to see was the headstrong, heartbroken, cool girl who screamed out all her pain and trauma, but what I got instead was an issue-driven collection of too many stories.

In ‘Silicon Valley’ Finale Season, Pied Piper Succeeds All Too Well

As a satire of the technology industry, ‘Silicon Valley’ cautions against believing that our good intentions are enough to save us from our methods.

How My Parents’ Divorce Forever Affected Our Holidays

Holidays are always hard in blended families. I was a reject from a twice-broken family, and I didn’t know what to do with myself at holidays other than hide.

The Only Person Ruining Kamala Harris’s Presidential Campaign Is Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris came onto the presidential scene January 2019, and since then she’s done very little to distinguish herself.

Transgender People Claim Gays Are ‘Transphobic’ For Declining Sex With Them

Trans cycling champion Rachel McKinnon, who has called female competitors ‘losers,’ claims that ‘genital preferences’ are ‘transphobic.’

U.K. Lesbian Threatened Over Her Campaign To Remove The ‘T’ From LGBT

There’s a distinct schism in feminism and gay rights between those who acknowledge that trans ideology reinforces sex-based stereotypes, and those so blinded by ‘compassion,’ they believe sex is a mutable condition.

What Netflix’s ‘Raising Dion’ Can Teach Us About Fear, Superheroes, And Parenting

‘Raising Dion’ thrives on character development, not cliffhangers — and its heartwarming mom-kid team will give you something to root for the whole show.

If Meghan Markle Doesn’t Want Attacks From Tabloids, She Shouldn’t Have Married A Prince

Everyone knows that when you give up your fins for legs, you lose your voice. The same goes for giving up your basic American rights to live in a palace.

Why Threatening The Gig Economy Means Threatening Working Mothers

Somehow the California State Assembly managed to threaten free press, freelance writers, and working mothers — all with a single piece of legislation.

The New Maleficent Movie Is Grotesquely Distorted By Identity Politics

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ is a boring fairy tale that forgets what fairy tales are all about. Instead of trying to show us the dark side of fairy stories, Disney should remember that it’s the light that keeps us coming back to theaters.

Kanye West’s Concern About Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look Was Perfectly Fair

Despite Kim Kardashian’s right to do as she pleases, Kanye West has the right to share his perspective on modesty with his wife.

NYC Pop-Up Exhibit Most Conveyed The Emptiness Of Today’s Art Scene

Art today seems to be more of an advertisement for the artists than a medium that conveys any real meaning or matter of its own.