Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons is a Senior Contributor to The Federalist. She is a writer and mother living in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on Twitter @li88yinc.
In Wake Of Wuhan Virus, California Needs To Suspend Its Ban On Gig Work

The economy is already under pressure. No laws should prevent freelancers from using their labor as best they can to see themselves through this pandemic.

Action-Packed ‘Spenser Confidential’ Is A Riot, But The Books Are Still Better

Netflix’s ‘Spenser Confidential’ is a riot. If you like this go at the Spenser character, the original book version is a must-read.

‘Lego Masters’ Celebrates Ingenuity, Family, And Competition

‘Lego Masters’ is a surprisingly fun watch, and it’s an actual family show on a landscape where kids’ shows are barely watchable for adults, and adult shows are inappropriate for kids.

Lent Reminds Us How Wondrous It Is That We Are Dust

Life can feel furiously fast, but stopping during Lent to take note of our beginning and our end allows us a moment to slow down and breathe in our mortality with comfort.

Hulu’s ‘High Fidelity’ Remake Is Just What You Need This Weekend

For a fan who is skeptical of a remake when the original is already so good, Hulu’s ‘High Fidelity’ offers just enough of the unexpected while retaining the great licks of the original.

Dwyane Wade’s Kid Underscores How Gender Fluidity Is Erasing Homosexuality

Lesbian and gay activists who oppose trans ideology on the basis that it erases homosexuality are not wrong. This is the case of a child who finds it more palatable to present as the opposite sex than to be gay.

Why It’s Time To Simplify The Emoji Keyboard

By insisting on further variants, we’re using emoji to further the divisions this new language could easily break down.

Why We All Cried Over Losing Kobe And Gianna

When a public figure dies, it is an opportunity to grieve for him, but also a way for us to grieve the compound losses we experience so frequently.

Why Not Even Oprah Winfrey Can Save ‘American Dirt’ From The Social Justice Mob

‘American Dirt’ author Jeanine Cummins has received death threats for the crime of being a white woman writing a story about a Mexican mother.

New Film Gives Sonic The Hedgehog A Bonus Life

A film-length Sonic origin story was long overdue, and the best part of the movie was Jim Carrey as the villain.

Chuck Schumer Just Declared War On Your Ability To Design Your Own Job

As House Democrats’ anti-freelancer bill moves to the Senate, it has attained the endorsement of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The Oscars Is No Fun Without A Host Because It Takes Itself Too Seriously

The Oscars’ second year with no host proves the awards show just isn’t that interesting without a comedian to guide us through it.

See The Best- And Worst-Dressed At The Oscars

More important than the films nominated at the Oscars are the gowns worn. Here’s a rundown of the looks we loved and the ones we could live without.

Democrats To Gig Workers: Work Our Way Or Lose Your Jobs

If Democrat representatives in the House have their way, many Americans will be out of jobs they created for themselves, on their own terms.

‘The Goop Lab’ Exploration Of Shrooms And Self Pleasure Is As Wild And Meaningless As You’d Expect

Gwyneth Paltrow’s impulse to encourage people to be their best selves is sound, but it’s missing a reason to do the right thing regardless of whether or not it will make us feel better.

Was A Denver Post Columnist Fired For Believing In Biological Sex?

Former columnist Jon Caldara, head of the libertarian Independence Institute, says he was fired from the Denver Post for stating in print that biological sex is real.

Through ‘Star Trek: Picard’ And Beyond, Patrick Stewart Chases ‘Something Bigger’

Not much is bigger than the Star Trek universe. ‘Picard’ is more than the continuation of one man’s journey. It’s the movement of a narrative that spans and inspires generations.

After Offing Quentin For The Crime Of Being A White Male, ‘The Magicians’ Is Falling Apart

After the hero is killed in ‘The Magicians,’ season five opens in a reckless assortment of ensemble stories that neither capture the imagination nor drive a cohesive plot forward.

The Best Outfits Of The 2020 Grammy Awards

What the Grammys showed us, oddly, is a culture in crisis. No matter how much fame or adulation, how many award nominations and costume changes, meaning is missing.

How Billie Eilish Inverts The Overdone Sex Symbol

Like Billie Eilish, Gen Z is in hiding. With all the exposure of social media, the constant barrage of attention seeking, the shallow allure of fame, kids know it’s all fake.