Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons

Libby Emmons is a Senior Contributor to The Federalist and Senior Editor for The Post Millennial. She is a writer and mother in Brooklyn, NY. Follow her on Twitter @libbyemmons.

When Abortion Access Is At Stake, Suddenly The Left Remembers Men And Women Are Different

For the left, men and women don’t exist, biology is a myth, and transgender persons are whatever they say they are – except for abortion access.

What The ‘Woodstock 99’ Documentary Gets Right And Wrong About The ‘90s Rock Scene

More than 20 years later, HBO’s ‘Woodstock 99’ makes the festival seem even worse than it was with its outright disdain for attendees.

How The Left’s Calcified Identity Politics Ruined The New ‘Gossip Girl’

Satirists will have to get over their unwarranted adulation of people based on skin color alone if they want to have any fun.

Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Tells Girls To Prioritize Vengeance Over Love

Cruella is the girl boss we’ve heard so much about. She is the young woman who follows her dreams no matter who she has to step on to achieve them.

Aidy Bryant’s ‘Shrill’ Is Looking For Morality In All The Wrong Places

Modern women follow a set of rules that are supposed to make them happy when followed. But the rules aren’t based on anything other than an entitled, self-obsessed, victimization complex.

Oscars Implement Diversity Quotas But Still Don’t Award Top Honors To Black Films

Despite the push for diversity, prominent black films didn’t win the big awards. Why make all the noise if not to raise the volume?

Netflix’s ‘Yes Day’ Is For Parents Who Want To Raise Resilient, Independent Kids

More important than saying ‘no’ or ‘yes’ is to teach kids how to be responsible for themselves, how to make good decisions, and learn that actions have consequences.

Last Night’s Grammy Awards Doubled-Down On Social Justice Activism

Much like 2020, the Grammys were all about COVID-19 safety, ‘equity’, and ‘social justice.’

In ‘Honor’ Of International Women’s Day, This Language App Wants To Ban ‘Offensive’ Words

We don’t need tech apps telling us how to speak, how to use language, how to communicate with each other, or how to think about ourselves as women.

Gina Carano Firing Proves The Left Only Wants Submissive Women, Not Strong and Independent Women

Everything about Carano and her character ‘checked-off’ what the left has been demanding from female characters for years — it didn’t matter.

Supreme Court Stops California From Banning Indoor Worship While Allowing Indoor Shopping

‘[I]f Hollywood may host a studio audience or film a singing competition while not a single soul may enter California’s churches, synagogues, and mosques, something has gone seriously awry.’

Fauci Flip-Flops Again On Biden’s Supposed 100-Day School Reopening Plan

Biden coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci has constantly flip-flopped on school reopenings. Now he backs the union plan of spending another $175 billion with no school opening guarantee.

Netflix To Spread Racist Indoctrination With 3 New Ibram X. Kendi Projects

By catching kids early, and with catchy tunes, kids won’t know there are other ways of interacting in a society where race isn’t the primary factor.

Leftist Journalists Collude With Big Tech To Attack Independent Journalists

Big tech’s assault on independent journalists and our free press comes with the backing and assistance of leftist journalists.

The New York Times Using Its Reporting Resources To Weaponize Teen Drama Is A Scary Trend

At 15, Mimi Groves said the n-word word in an attempt to be ‘cool,’ and the video sat for years. It wasn’t until it was weaponized against her that anyone cared at all.

‘Voyeur’ Theatrical Walking Tour Transforms COVID-Stricken New York City Into 1899 Paris

With theaters slated to be dark until May 2021, theater-lovers have had little to fill their imaginations. Enter ‘Voyeur,’ an immersive walking tour through Manhattan’s West Village

Shaming Feminists Who Believe In Basic Biology Isn’t Working Anymore

Leftist writers don’t want women who understand basic biological truths to speak; they don’t want them to get together and talk; and they definitely don’t want them on social media.

HBO’s ‘The Undoing’ Explores Elites’ Fascination With Wealthy White People

As viewers race with the police to figure out the truth, ‘The Undoing’ crafts a compelling mystery, one engrossing enough to not be passive viewing.

Endless Lockdowns Are Turning America Into Obama’s ‘Life Of Julia’ Ad

These political opportunists want Americans to be so beholden to government involvement in our lives that we cannot even fathom living another way.

Despite Science, Fauci And de Blasio Kept Schools Closed To Hurt Trump

The nation was held hostage to a Biden win, and the education of our kids is still held hostage to the interests of teachers’s unions. It’s got to end.