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Endless Lockdowns Are Turning America Into Obama’s ‘Life Of Julia’ Ad

Joe Biden

As Joe Biden transitions into president of the United States, his plans for what to do with the populace that simply won’t comply with pandemic-inspired restrictions are becoming painfully clear. He will demand that local governments enforce these mandates and try to force Americans to obey his orders.

Americans should not stand for it, not even a little. The Wuhan virus might be the stated reason for the overreach, but the goal is one leftists have been harboring for a long time: to make Americans reliant on the government for every aspect of their lives. The more boxed in we become, the easier it will be to control us.

The pandemic-inspired restrictions resulted in job losses when businesses were ordered to close and sent their employees home. Those businesses then had to rely on funding from the government to sustain their inoperable businesses without revenue. Previously employed people were now idling at home, also requiring government funding to pay their way.

Only the largest businesses were able either to stay open and meet government requirements or to close but withstand the effect of months-long closures. Almost everyone else needed government help.

In my Brooklyn neighborhood in May, people waited in lines that stretched down the block to get free food from the city. The most horrifying thing was that many of these folks had jobs just a few months prior. They had been able to care for themselves and their families, but now they were out of work and out of resources, save for what the government would provide.

Biden’s new coronavirus adviser, Dr. Michael Osterholm, has said he advocates for a national, four-to-six-week lockdown across the United States, going so far as to tout the efficacy of those severe restrictions as implemented in Australia and New Zealand. This would mean more closures, more people out of work, and more reliance on government.

If people can’t work, they are left to rely on government funding, yet what funds the government but the tax dollars of working Americans? Biden has promised massive wealth redistribution, but what wealth will be redistributed when people can’t earn a living? If Biden bans Americans from making money in the first place, there won’t be any wealth to redistribute.

Biden is repeating what President Barack Obama was so keen on during his administration: making government not just the safety net but the first stop. We saw it during that era with the horrid “Julia” ad about the woman who is entirely alone except for her baby, which she ends up with despite no man in her life.

The thrust of the ad was that at every stage of Julia’s life, the government would be there to take care of and provide for her. There was no one else in the ad but Julia and the government, her relationship with which was the most important in her life.

Such will be true for all of us if Biden and his authoritarian associates have their way. Without work, we will gain our income from the government, which will inevitably lead to no income at all. Without being allowed to leave our homes to see friends and family, we will have no community nor the ability to form one. When we worship or socialize online, we will keep doing so under the watchful eyes of tech companies, meaning we lose the privacy we enjoy in personal relationships.

Lockdowns demand that we depend on the government, but the government can’t grow wheat, milk cows, or heat homes without people to do that work. If there’s no work, but we’re all still consuming, our society only increases the speed of its pending bankruptcy.

These political opportunists want Americans to be so beholden to government involvement in our lives that we cannot even fathom living another way. There is simply no crisis, however, wherein the federal government has the authority to dictate to the populace that they need to give up their livelihoods, friends, and family, and turn wholesale to the government for all their needs. Our electeds simply don’t have the right to treat the populace this way.

Americans must refuse to comply with lockdown measures. The leaders claim they are imposing them for our own good, but we know what is in our own best interests: to live freely in accordance with our natural rights. We were not created to rely on the government to provide for us their manna from the White House, but to form our own communities and to rely on friends, family, church, and to have others rely on us.

If government gives us everything, from where does it ultimately come? And what do we have to give?