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After Slandering Loudoun Parents, CNN Is Trapped By San Francisco Recalls

school board protests
Image CreditABC News / YouTube

After the corrupt corporate media lost its mind over the Virginia school board protests in Loudoun County last year, CNN has been tripped up by the successful recall of three far-left school board members in San Francisco.

It’s tricky for left-wing propagandists to keep pushing their narrative of concerned parents as domestic terrorists and racists when recall results reveal that parents won’t tolerate harmful progressive pushes in even the deepest blue Democrat strongholds — so CNN has changed its tune.

On Tuesday, three members of the school board were recalled due to the board’s reluctance to reopen schools and parents’ outrage over school mask requirements while the rest of California is lifting the mandate. While thousands of children were barred from the classroom for 13 months, the San Francisco school board was preoccupied with renaming schools in pursuit of performative “racial justice” instead of focusing on how to get kids back in person.

Because the city’s left-wing school board is being challenged by its own Democrat residents, CNN has flipped from demonizing parents to listening to their concerns.

“This Bay Area battle is part of the mounting frustration with Covid restrictions, frustration not only in red parts of the country, but blue ones as well,” CNN’s Jake Tapper recited in an anodyne tone.

In 2021, however, CNN did not hold back from smearing the parents of Loudoun County, Virginia, who opposed mask mandates and questioned the schools’ radical curriculum. It also propped up the types of concepts and policies parents were fighting, such as calling a contentious Loudoun bathroom bill, which allowed boys into girls’ private spaces, “inclusive,” and gaslighting parents about critical race theory.

During a CNN “Reliable Sources” panel on “parents’ rights” and “critical race theory” helmed by Brian Stelter, the chyron branded these phrases as “Cheap Slogans” and said they “Disguise Stories That Are Shaping America.”

CNN even defended Attorney General Merrick Garland after he issued a memo to weaponize law enforcement against concerned parents in response to the National School Boards Association and the Biden White House colluding to brand them as “domestic terrorists.” CNN said Garland’s memo “continues to fuel Republican fire towards the department.”

“Garland is expected to face another round of GOP grilling about the memo when he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday,” wrote Evan Perez of CNN. “In their latest shot at the department, the House Judiciary Committee’s Republicans asked Garland on Monday to withdraw the memo, while picking apart his testimony on the subject.”

Though parents in San Francisco have expressed the same concerns as the parents in Loudoun County, CNN only heard the concerns of one group. The other it portrayed as crazed and racist.

Now as the 2022 midterms approach and voters in even blue America are increasingly rejecting left-wing policies that are wreaking havoc on them and their children, CNN and the rest of the corporate media are tweaking their strategy and finally showing a glimpse of what parents really want: to send their kids back to school without masks and without a race-obsessed curriculum. Funny how the coverage changes depending on the color of the district and the status of the political cycle.