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National Journal Defends Reporter Who Tweeted Trump Should ‘F-ck Off’

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National Journal is standing by a reporter who stealthily deleted tweets calling for Donald Trump to “f-ck off” and describing Ben Shapiro as “an ultra-conservative madman.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Zachary Weisz has worked at National Journal since May 2020, when he was hired on as a political researcher. Currently, the outlet lists him as a “Policy and Data Visualization Associate.” His byline appeared on at least two reported stories published by National Journal in December.

Like many journalists in the corporate media world, Weisz has a Twitter account he recently purged of content criticizing conservatives and celebrating Democrats.

In January 2021, Wiesz accused former President Donald Trump and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of “stoking the fire” surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. In the same tweet thread, Weisz also expressed hope that “Trump f-cks off.”

In November 2020, Weisz called The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro an “ultra-conservative madman.”

“Even this ultra-conservative madman is calling Trump feckless,” he wrote.

More recently, in August 2021, Weisz praised Democrat Rep. Cori Bush for protesting the end of the eviction moratorium.

“Quite incredible effort from Rep. Bush to force this to happen,” he tweeted.

When asked by The Federalist whether readers can trust Weisz’s reporting to be fair, the outlet’s Editor in Chief Jeff Dufour said the outlet stands by the reporter.

“National Journal and Hotline’s decades of nonpartisan, non-ideological coverage speaks for itself. We’ve had reporters join us from many different backgrounds, and we trust them to adhere to our standards of unbiased reporting,” Dufour told The Federalist.

Weisz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.