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Media Says No Shame In Breakthrough COVID After Guilting The Unvaxxed For Months

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Media outlets are scrambling to reassure people who received the COVID-19 shot that there is no shame in testing positive for the virus after corporate media overlords guilted red states, Republicans, and the COVID-positive unvaccinated for months.

The Washington Post published an article on Thursday urging “self-compassion” for the vaccinated who are caught off guard by contracting COVID-19. Using anecdotes from people who “diligently” and “desperately” went the extra mile to keep away from the virus, the article laments how individuals who got the jab numerous times, masked up, and even stayed home feel like a failure because they fell ill.

“Thousands who ‘followed the rules’ are about to get covid. They shouldn’t be ashamed,” the headline states.

The author of the WaPo piece acknowledges, much like recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, that “breakthrough cases are becoming more normal and less of an exception” but says that the shame that was once imposed on Americans, especially in certain states, shouldn’t be happening now that vaccinated people are feeling bad about themselves.

The Huffington Post ran a similar article this week claiming that “Getting COVID Isn’t A Shameful Moral Failure.”

“If you contract COVID-19 this winter, it by no means indicates that you made a mistake, behaved selfishly or weren’t ‘good enough’ at preventing its spread,” the article’s author writes in an attempt to tamp down the embarrassment of some.

The same corporate media outlets that trashed red governors such as Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas for scaling back COVID-19 restrictions are now urging vaccinated people not to have shame for getting a virus that can’t be controlled or assigned moral value.

During the height of the pandemic, corporate media banded together to criticize and shame southern states for relaxing COVID-19 restrictions and Republicans for promoting a freedom-of-choice culture that contradicts the left’s pro-vaccine-mandate stance. They gladly overlooked the rising number of COVID cases and deaths in Democrat-run states to promote an agenda that slandered members of the GOP as “superspreaders” responsible for killing grandmas. These same media giants also amplified disgust of people who opposed getting vaccinated on any religious, moral, or personal freedom grounds, a narrative that the White House gladly latched onto in its recent COVID messaging, A.K.A. fear porn.

Unfortunately, there have been no apologies and there will most likely be no apologies moving forward. As the left-wing activist and Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt illustrated in an abrasive and fearmongering tweet threat on Wednesday, the fight to blame unvaccinated people for all of the nation’s COVID woes is still ongoing.

The corporate media’s attempt to soothe the fears and embarrassment of the psychotic COVID panic crowd might seem like a nice gesture that signals the media is finally coming to terms with reality outside of the Twitter bubble, but it’s not. The gentle campaign against COVID guilt won’t stick around forever, just long enough to calm the anxiety of the people who keep practicing the COVID-19 panic religion.