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16 Of Biden’s Biggest Whoppers About COVID-19 Vaccines


It should be no surprise that President Joe Biden and his administration lied their way through the last year in the White House. As a matter of fact, The Federalist rigorously recorded more than 100 whoppers Biden and his team gladly fed the public and the corporate media. Of those dozens of lies, more than 15 of them had to do with the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are the president’s top 16 lies about the jab.

1. Biden Falsely Claimed ‘All’ Media Smeared Vaccine Plan as ‘Impossible’

Biden kicked off his time in office defending his administration’s goal to vaccinate 100 million Americans within his first 100 days in the White House after a reporter questioned whether the target was too modest.

“When I announced it, you all said it wasn’t possible. C’mon. Gimme a break, man,” Biden snapped.

A few rare articles at major publications cast skepticism on Biden’s plan, but the Democrat’s claim that “all” media had been overwhelmingly pessimistic of the Biden administration reaching the 100 million mark by the end of April proved to be false. The truth is that he was showered with praises from the press and favorable coverage from the beginning.

2. Biden’s Team Told CNN Trump Offered No Plan for Vaccine Distribution

Sources within the Biden administration told CNN they inherited no vaccine distribution plan from the previous White House.

“There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch,” one source reportedly told CNN’s MJ Lee.

There was, however, actually an explicit plan outlined in Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

The Biden team’s statements were also contradicted by Dr. Anthony Fauci the same afternoon.

“We’re certainly not starting from scratch, because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci told reporters.

3. Biden Team: Trump Vaccination Plan ‘Worse Than We Could Have Imagined’

After Biden staffers lied, telling CNN there was “nothing for us to rework” in terms of a vaccination distribution plan, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted at the podium during a Jan. 25 briefing that there was a plan — the Biden administration just wouldn’t give proper credit. Psaki told reporters that the plan from the Trump White House was “much worse than we could have imagined.”

The plan inherited by the Biden White House, however, had already put the new administration on a trajectory to reach its goal of getting 100 million people vaccinated within its first 100 days.


4. Biden Said He ‘Misspoke’ When Claiming U.S. Would Reach Only 100 Million Vaccines in 100 Days

Biden said during a Jan. 25 press conference that he “misspoke” when claiming the United States would reach only 100 million coronavirus vaccine shots given out within the administration’s first 100 days, a pace that had already been reached by the Trump administration. Biden then emphasized a hope of reaching 150 million instead.

The White House COVID-19 Response Team tweeted two days later, however, that the Biden administration’s goal of 100 million doses in 100 days hadn’t changed.

5. Kamala Harris Repeated Bogus Claim of White House Starting ‘From Scratch’ on Vaccines

Just a few weeks into the new administration, Vice President Kamala Harris joined in the administration’s lies when she repeated the bogus claim that the Biden administration had been forced to start “from scratch” to handle the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

“We’re starting from scratch,” Harris said, “on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year.”

Even Fauci rejected the assertion made by White House officials in January, as the Trump administration had already reached the 1 million-shots-a-day threshold that Biden has attempted to claim credit for.

6. Biden Claimed COVID Vaccine Wasn’t Around When He Assumed Office

During a CNN town hall on Feb. 16, Biden falsely claimed that the United States did not have a COVID-19 vaccine when he transitioned into the White House in late January.

Against faulty predictions from journalists, so-called experts, and verified Twitter users who cast doubt on Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, the first round of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was administered in the United States to health care workers in mid-December following the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use and mass distribution approval. The FDA also applied emergency authorization to the Moderna vaccine in mid-December, approving it for widespread distribution and use long before Biden joined the White House.

Biden received both doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine before he was inaugurated.

7. Biden Lied Again About Not Inheriting a Vaccine Plan

During his visit to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing plant in mid-February, Biden once again falsely claimed that his administration did not inherit a vaccine plan from Trump.

“Just over four weeks ago, America had no real plan to vaccinate most of the country,” Biden said. “My predecessors — as my mother would say, God love ’em — failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office.”

8. Biden Said Goal of 100 Million Vaccine Shots in 100 Days Was Tough for Him to Meet

In a prime time address on March 11, Biden claimed his administration’s initial goal of administering 100 million shots in his first 100 days was difficult to meet.

“When I came into office, you may recall, I set a goal that many of you said was kind of way over the top,” Biden said. “I said I intended to get 100 million shots in people’s arms with my first 100 days in office.”

Again, that vaccination pace had already been met by his White House predecessor. About 1.3 million Americans were vaccinated by Biden’s first full day in office.

9. Biden Overreported Number of Vaxxed American 65 and Older

In his address on March 11, Biden lied about when the COVID-19 vaccine first became available in the United States. He also misspoke about the number of Americans 65 and older who had received the vaccine.

“When I took office 50 days ago, only 8 percent of Americans — after months — only 8 percent of those over the age of 65 had gotten their first vaccination,” Biden said. “Today that number is 65 percent.”

The vaccine, however, was not available for months before Biden took office. The first COVID-19 vaccine dose in the United States was administered on Dec. 14, just one month before the new president transitioned into the White House. Biden also lied that 65 percent of Americans 65 years old and above had been vaccinated. As of the time of his address, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that actually 62.4 percent of those 65 and older had received at least one round of the vaccine, not 65 percent.

10. Biden Claimed You Can’t Get COVID if You’re Vaccinated

During a presidential town hall hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon on July 21, Biden claimed you cannot contract COVID-19 if you’ve been fully vaccinated against the respiratory virus.

“We don’t talk enough to you about this, I don’t think,” he said. “One last thing that’s really important is, we’re not in the position where we think that any virus, including the delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of unvaccinated people, the — the various shots that people are getting now cover that. You’re OK. You’re not going to — you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

According to the president’s own CDC, however, this statement is patently false.

“COVID-19 vaccines are effective,” the CDC website stated. “However, a small percentage of people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it. These are called ‘vaccine breakthrough cases.’ This means that while people who have been vaccinated are much less likely to get sick, it will still happen in some cases. It’s also possible that some fully vaccinated people might have infections, but not have symptoms (asymptomatic infections). Experts continue to study how common these cases are.”

Other anecdotes have also shown Biden’s claim to be false. After flying to Washington, D.C., to protest an election integrity bill, at least six Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. Moreover, staffers in the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office tested positive despite full vaccination status.

11. Biden Admin Mandated COVID Vaccines for Medical Employees Despite Pledging Not To

Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough announced on July 26 that he would mandate COVID-19 vaccines for health care employees working in Veteran Affairs. According to the press release, “each employee will have eight weeks to be fully vaccinated” before risking termination.

In March, the White House pledged to leave vaccine passports to the “private sector.”

“We expect … that a determination or development of a vaccine passport or whatever you want to call it will be driven by the private sector,” Psaki said. “Ours will more be focused on guidelines that can be used as a basis. There are a couple key principles that we are working from: One is that there will be no centralized, universal federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential; second, we want to encourage an open marketplace with a variety of private sector companies and nonprofit coalitions developing solutions; and third, we want to drive the market toward meeting public interest goals.”

12. Biden Said There Are More Vaccinated People in the U.S. Than the American Population

Biden falsely claimed that 350 million Americans were vaccinated despite the fact that there are approximately 330 million people in the United States.

“We have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world,” Biden confidently stated.

Moments later, he checked his notes before doubling down on the lie again.

“Well over — what’s the number again? I remind myself, 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated,” he repeated.

13. Biden Blamed COVID-19 Case Spike on Unvaccinated

Biden blamed a COVID-19 spike in September on people who haven’t received their doses of the shot.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden said in a speech, also tweeting that “people are dying and will die from COVID-19 who don’t have to.”

“If you haven’t gotten vaccinated, do it now. It could save your life and the lives of those you love,” he wrote.

By making this claim, Biden not only overlooked the fact that vaccinated people are still catching “breakthrough cases” of the virus, but he also ignored the role natural immunity plays in possibly preventing or limiting COVID reinfection.

14. Biden Said COVID Vaccine Prevents Virus Spread (Again)

The president falsely claimed in a speech justifying vaccine mandates that getting the COVID-19 vaccine prevents the spread of the virus from one person to another.

“We’re making sure health care workers are vaccinated because if you seek care at a health care facility, you should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you,” Biden said.

Biden’s claim is not only contradicted by the CDC, which admits that the COVID jab doesn’t prevent infection, but it is also contradicted by the countless number of breakthrough cases appearing throughout the United States, wherein vaccinated people still contract the virus and can give it to their neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers.

15. Biden Pledged There Would Be No Vaccine Mandates

Biden pledged in December 2020 he would pursue no such thing as a vaccine mandate for the Wuhan coronavirus.

“I don’t think it should be mandatory,” Biden said. “I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory.”

In office, however, Biden has been aggressive in pursuing coronavirus vaccine mandates, signing multiple for federal employees and private employers with 100 or more people on staff, which were quickly and temporarily shut down by federal courts.

16. Biden Again Implied Vaxxed People Can’t Spread COVID (They Can)

Biden still believes that people who have had the COVID shot can’t spread the virus.

“Everybody talks about freedom and not to have a shot, or have a test. Well, guess what, how about patriotism? How about making sure that you’re vaccinated so you do not spread the disease to anybody else? What about that? What’s the big deal?” Biden asked.