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Duffy: Kenoshans Had To Fend For Themselves After Democrat Gov. Tony Evers Let Rioters Pillage Their City

‘When I was there, I saw people with baseball bats and pistols and shotguns. Anybody could have been Kyle Rittenhouse that night.’


People in Kenosha, Wis., are still recovering from the havoc wreaked by rioters during the summer of rage after the Democrat governor staunchly refused to protect the state’s law-abiding citizens, Federalist Senior Contributor Evita Duffy said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” on Saturday.

“I mean when I was there, I’m only 22, it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before in my life. It was like a Third World country. The place was in flames,” explained Duffy, who was on the ground reporting in Kenosha during the riots in August 2020.

Instead of taking swift action to subdue the arsonists and looters destroying the city, Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers delayed sending help which prolonged the destruction and forced people to take matters into their own hands, Duffy said.

“For three nights actually he let the city burn and so people were left to fend for themselves,” Duffy said. “When I was there, I saw people with baseball bats and pistols and shotguns. Anybody could have been Kyle Rittenhouse that night. In fact, when I went with my fiancé, he was armed. Everybody was armed. It was crazy.”

Duffy said because of a lack of punishment for the people demolishing Kenosha, the city has yet to recover.

“People that night, those three nights, lost everything. I mean, 100 businesses were affected. Forty never reopened again. Kenosha is not a big city. It’s not New York City. Forty is a big hit. Fifty million dollars of damage. So I mean, I’m heartbroken for everybody that was there. When I returned a year later, there were still places that were boarded up. That’s how bad things were,” Duffy said.

As Duffy noted in her most recent Federalist article, “Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha,” the people of Kenosha had to stand guard if they wanted to salvage their beloved community.

“Evers’s inaction resulted in $50 million in property damage that affected 100 businesses, including 40 that were put out of business for good,” she explained. “It was in the face of all this destruction and turmoil that Rittenhouse decided to defend his community — yes, contrary to what the hacks at MSNBC and CNN want you to believe, Kenosha is Kyle’s community.”