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Vaxxed Infectious Disease Experts Are Still Too Panicked About COVID To Leave Home

infectious disease experts panic about masking

While many people have resumed normal in-person activities, infectious disease experts still appear to be too panicked about COVID-19 to leave home.


While most people in red states have resumed in-person shopping, schooling, and social events, even without masks, infectious disease experts still appear to be too panicked about COVID-19 to leave home.

More than a year and a half after COVID-19 first came onto Americans’ radar and nearly a year since the COVID-19 jab became available to the public, “public health experts” say they are still scared to return to the same normal that so many others in the country have.

In a survey of 28 health experts, epidemiologists, immunologists, and virologists, STAT found that a majority were willing to sacrifice in-person social events and activities such as working out in a gym, traveling on public transportation, and even family holiday gatherings to stay home and theoretically avoid the virus.

When asked whether they would be comfortable joining a Thanksgiving gathering with people of all ages and vaccination statuses, 12 of the 28 said they wouldn’t go. Four of the 14 who said they would attend said that the reason someone was unvaccinated would play a role in their decision whether to go. One evolutionary biologist remarked that she was fine with unvaccinated guests who were ineligible for the shot but would not break bread with any eligible parties who opted not to get the jab.

“Too young: yes. By choice: no,” Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington said.

Even after getting a full dose of the COVID-19 jab and indicating they would wear a mask, most experts testified that they believed the risk of contracting the virus from someone who was unvaccinated, even though vaccinated individuals can and do pass and contract the virus, was too large for them to assume.

“To the question of whether they would urge older relatives to skip Thanksgiving dinners that involve unvaccinated guests, 16 said yes, 12 said no, and two indicated the question wasn’t applicable to their situations. ‘I’m the elderly relative,’ said Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, who added he wouldn’t be sharing his Thanksgiving table with anyone who was not vaccinated,” STAT reported.

When asked whether they would “attend an indoor concert or sporting event, if mask wearing was not required and enforced,” 23 of the 28 surveyed said no.

“With a good-fitting N95, the risk is low,” Sarah Cobey, an associate professor of viral ecology and evolution at the University of Chicago, told STAT. “But this sounds like a situation with shouting or singing at close quarters. Unless others were recently tested and ventilation were excellent, my enthusiasm would be dampened enough to tip the cost/benefit ratio.”

For months, “public health experts” have leveraged their messaging amplified by Democrat tyrants and the corrupt media to push people to stay home. Promises such as “two weeks to slow the spread” have long been abandoned for new messaging that indicates a permanent pandemic. This stance is championed by people who profit from it, who are close to the Biden administration, and who are constantly amplified by corporate media outlets.

Just this week, one of the chief COVID-19 panic-porn instigators Michael Osterholm told NPR that Americans should keep panicking about the virus.

“There is more than enough human wood for this coronavirus forest fire to burn,” he said, which NPR framed as a problem largely caused by unvaccinated individuals.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has also contributed to the permanent pandemic with not-so-subtle hints that it’s “just too soon to tell” if families can “safely” gather for Christmas this year.