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Let The Record Reflect These Are The Highly Paid Clowns Who Falsely Blamed Virginia Wave On Racism

Jemele Hill

Read and watch the elite pundits paid to analyze American politics below blame white supremacy for an election outcome they can’t handle.


After the election of minority Republicans to statewide offices cratered the Democrats’ narrative that systemic racism drove the GOP’s red wave Tuesday, left-wing members of the pundit class have clung to their talking points.

“Whiteness remains undefeated,” wrote Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali, after Republicans captured the Virginia governor’s mansion with businessman Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin’s victory was joined by fellow Republicans Winsome Sears, a black Jamaican immigrant and former U.S. Marine who was elected the state’s new lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares, a Cuban-American elected as Virginia’s next attorney general.

The GOP triumph flipping a state that’s become reliably blue over the past decade — where Republicans haven’t won statewide since 2009 — came as a product of conservative campaigning on salient cultural issues. The center of that platform included vehement opposition to the state-sanctioned racism embedded in K-12 curricula and labeled critical race theory.

In Ali’s world, the election of a black woman as Virginia’s first female lieutenant governor can be racist too, as long as it goes the wrong direction.

Read and watch the elite pundits paid to analyze American politics below blame white supremacy, and even white women, for an election outcome they can’t handle, in a contest where Democrats staged a race hoax in desperation to prove their false narrative.