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Biden Administration Awards Disgraced Russia Collusion Hoaxer Andrew McCabe With $200K Pension

Andrew McCabe

Despite his history of sharing confidential information with the press and then lying about it, the DOJ also offered McCabe a clean record with the FBI.


The Biden administration awarded disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe more than $200,000 in pension after Biden’s Department of Justice claimed he was unjustly fired in 2018 for political reasons.

Despite his history of sharing confidential information with the press and then lying about it, the DOJ offered McCabe a clean record with the FBI — including memoryholing any mention of his firing — plus ceremonial cuff links and an FBI plaque showing gratitude for his service. The taxpayer-funded FBI is also paying McCabe’s attorneys $539,000 in fees.

During former President Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, the DOJ fired McCabe shortly before he was scheduled to retire after he authorized leaking sensitive information about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and then lied about it under oath. 

McCabe claims he was fired for political reasons after he spent months peddling lies to the public that Trump may have colluded with Russians to undermine the 2016 election. His mistakes, however, extend far beyond sharing classified information.

A key player in the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, McCabe signed off on the haphazard Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant application used to spy on the Trump campaign’s Carter Page. McCabe also routinely stood up for his corrupt colleagues such as FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who intentionally fabricated evidence to justify spying on the Republican presidential candidate’s team.

When the DOJ refused to press criminal charges against him for his inappropriate actions, McCabe continued this anti-Trump schtick, oftentimes from his new cushy contributor spot at CNN. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in late 2020, he claimed that Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was an obstruction of justice and that “the president might himself pose a danger to national security.”

“He might have engaged in obstruction of justice,” McCabe testified, “if the firing of the director and those other things were geared towards eliminating or stopping our investigation of Russian activity.”

McCabe also pushed the narrative, which was quickly adopted by Democrats and their cronies in the corrupt corporate media, that he shouldn’t have been fired and that he did nothing wrong.

“Do you think you were wrongly fired?” Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked in a 2020 Senate Judiciary Comittee hearing.

“Yes, I do think I was wrongly fired,” he said.

“And you think you did nothing wrong?” Blackburn asked.

“That’s correct,” McCabe replied.

“Even though the IG pointed out that you did. And even though you had a culture of corruption and cover-up, that you thought it’s OK to spy on Carter Page. It was OK to mislead Michael Flynn,” Blackburn said.

“No one that I’m aware of in the FBI conducted any activity that should leave them susceptible to criminal prosecution … including myself,” McCabe said.