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The Biden Admin Is Now Flat-Out Denying Reality Of The Border Crisis

The only reasonable explanation for what the White House is doing and saying about the grotesque scenes at the southern border is that they simply don’t think enough voters care.


The only reasonable explanation for what the White House is doing and saying about the grotesque scenes at the southern border is that they simply don’t think enough voters care.

Maybe they’re right, but nothing else can explain just how ridiculous the answers from the administration have gotten when it comes to questions about the thousands of migrants forced to live for days under a bridge and in huts made out of brush while it’s 95 degrees outside.

President Joe Biden’s people have taken to flat-out denying reality. In an interview Tuesday on CNN, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed with a straight face that hordes of destitute migrants are making their way to the United States, not because they want in on the free welfare (“compassion”) promised to them by Democrats, but because they had been fooled into making the journey.

“It is heartbreaking to see,” said a very heartbroken Mayorkas, “because what we are seeing is vulnerable individuals, having been deceived by smuggling organizations and misinformation, take the perilous journey north when we have been quite clear that it will not be successful and that is not what they should do.”

True, Mayorkas did say the previous day at a press conference that migrants who cross into the country illegally “will be returned” to their homes and that our borders are “not open.” It was surely a ratings bonanza among folks spending months trekking through desert and rivers to make it here. They must have got the message.

Yet the feds are releasing tens of thousands of illegal border crossers into the country every month. Axios reported in late July that more than 50,000 migrants had been released into the United States, and they didn’t even receive a court date to adjudicate their case for remaining in the country.

After being set loose by federal authorities, Haitian migrant Micheline Baptiste told Voice of America on Monday, “Thank God we’re here. I’m thrilled — it’s a blessing. We fought hard to get here.”

That doesn’t sound like someone who has just been had. It sounds like someone who knows very much what she was coming for.

Everyone south of Texas knows what’s up. There’s a chance they get here and are one of the hundred who are rounded up and flown back to where they came from. But there’s just as good, if not a greater chance, that as part of the overwhelming flow, they make it in and get to stay.

The odds are nearly 100 percent in their favor if they come with children, so they do. Oftentimes the children aren’t even their own.

They know the trip is dangerous and it’s worth it. Once here, all kinds of goodies await: free health care, education, food, housing. You name it, we’ve got it. Who wouldn’t want to come here? Who wouldn’t want to stay?

To that second question, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki provided a gem of an answer at Monday’s press briefing. Asked about the obvious problem with the Biden administration’s new requirement that international travelers arriving in the United States be vaccinated against COVID, while thousands of migrants cross unabated into southern Texas without needing to provide any proof of vaccination, Psaki explained the difference.

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time,” she said of the illegal border crossers.

Yes, she actually said that the people who travel for weeks on end, risking their lives and showing up with nothing to lose aren’t expecting to stay. Surely they’ve got other places to be!

It’s an embarrassment, even as Biden and company don’t seem too embarrassed.